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Saturday, 07 February 2015 11:54



I’m quite disgusted because in spite of the fact that the “Anti Littering Law” had been passed, people don’t seem to follow it yet.

I say this because I still see a lot of dirty places around the barangays and city streets. In our street alone, at Corner Crispin Atilano st. in Barangay Tetuan, where I live, outside our gate, you can notice that it’s always dirty. You can see all kinds of garbage, from papers, wrappers of all kinds, etc. It really gets my gut, because even within the hedges of my plants, I see plastic wrappers, and I don’t think my helpers will do it, since they clean my garden themselves. I suspect that the students of a nearby school are responsible for the littering, as they pass by this street all the time. How I wish students are more disciplined! They don’t seem to care  whether they’re breaking the law or not, since nobody is really watching them.

May I call the attention of our Barangay Captain John Dalipe to please assign a permanent sweeper in our streets, who can sweep our barangay streets every day, just like in Barangay Tumaga. Yes, it’s true, once in a while, somebody sweeps at  the Corner Crispin Atilano street, but rarely do we see the sweeper, the very reason why this street near the school is always dirty! May I see action on this matter. Thank you!