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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 11:58



It’s so very hard to look for helpers nowadays because you don’t know who you are hiring all the time. I am saying this through experience. Usually, kasambahay helpers don’t have police clearance.

My attention have had been called by my son every time I put a wanted sign on my gate. He said people who have bad intentions might take advantage and apply and this will put us in an insecure position. Yes, I do believe him, however, if you are in a situation where you have a post-stroke person around your house who needs assistance in standing up from bed to his chair,(like the situation I am in right now), you will hire anybody who can alleviate your situation. I become so desperate!

Two weeks ago, I went to the Police Station to complain against Gerald Alberto (take note of his name, because he might apply in any household or business establishment), who after owing us P3,250 left our employment without permission. Some things in our household had been missing and every time he leaves us every now and then, he steals money in my wallet. But since I am desperate for help, I kept getting him back, when he would text us and would promise to change. I know this is a mistake! The policeman who wrote down  my complaint also told me this.

My hubby isn’t really helpless ‘coz he still can eat alone, so I don’t hire a real caregiver who charges P15,000 per month, just to look after him. What we need are two male helpers who can help assist him from the bed to his favorite rocking chair, and take him down from our room. Just recently, an old houseman  came back with another male companion, who he said is a neighbor of his, a 3rd year student who stopped schooling ‘coz he didn’t want to be in the 9th year grade level. Perhaps I can convince him to go back to school. I thank the Lord for answering my prayer as I was really desperate. I can’t take care of my hubby alone!