The Marcoses’ need for recognition PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 June 2011 13:45

Why are the Marcoses so persistent in wanting to have  Ferdinand Marcos recognized as a hero of the country and thus deserving to be buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani?  I know he will be forever a hero in the eyes of his family and followers. I grant them the right to continue to persist in this belief.  Their memories of him as being this kind of person  will not be changed by what others, like me,  say otherwise.

However I do not think Ferdinand Marcos  was a hero of the republic. Neither do the family and kin of those  who were killed or made to suffer during the martial law regime. (By the way, the martial law regime was not the handiwork of Marcos alone; his cohorts are still around and still striding through the corridors of power in this country). A significant number of citizens of this republic  will never accept that Marcos was a hero. No number of proclamations of Congress will make me,  and many others like me,  change our regard, or lack of it, about Marcos.

I was in Marcos country many years ago and as the Marcos residence had become a kind of  tourist destination I was among those who filed past his glass casket. We were reminded by the guide through the facility not to talk. I found the instruction, and the whole atmosphere contrived,  but I was not about to be crass. Now I read in some comments that the glass casket contains not the preserved body of Marcos but a wax effigy.  So what was all the contrived reverential  atmosphere about?  A sham even to the very end.

Are the surviving Marcoses so insecure about their own persona and that of Ferdinand that  they think his standing in the country is  recognized only by where he is to be buried?  The people who truly admire Marcos, who believe in the good that he did for the country -  not me, not many others -   will continue to honor him no matter where he is buried.  If Ferdinand is buried in a private family plot people will still go there if they think he is a hero. All this fuss about being buried in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani makes me think that this is just another manifestation of Mrs. Marcos’ need for flamboyant display. Are we to expect next a structure  on the order of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC?  It makes me wonder if, in addition to flamboyance, this is a display of detachment from reality.

What also needs to be considered is the position taken by some people that the nation needs to move on;  that for this to happen  we need to forgive Ferdinand Marcos. This position is evading the issue. What I  know from my catechism is that, when we offend  God, we are sure to be forgiven but first there must be sincere contrition for  our sin. However  the surviving Marcoses do not believe Ferdinand did anything that he should be contrite about, not before God, not before the nation.  Not only that, but that he deserves burial as a hero.

To give in to this position is a cop out. -- REMEDIOS F. MARMOLEÑO