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Friday, 13 February 2015 13:25

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


The gentleman beside me at the table was a good-looking octogenarian. He talked with calculated words, as one who had no shadow of doubt, that most troubles in life were caused by careless words.

He was a retired US Navy,  and in his twilight years, all he wanted were peace and quiet, and financial ease.

It was not always like this with him. His younger days were spent in achieving dreams, and achieve them, he did, with one dire consequence, which is of little importance now.

After his retirement from the US Navy, he worked for the federal government for sixteen years, and was handsomely pensioned at this time.

Now, he was home to visit.  His intention for this particular trip was to see of course, his only sister, some cousins, maybe friends, if they were still around, and most of all, Carmelita, the love of his youth.

Carmelita was good and kind as she was beautiful. There was no one like her, in all Luzon (This was according to him), and she was all his.

When he had to fly to the States ASAP, they had no time to say a proper goodbye, instead, a heated argument  took place which they did not have the opportunity to rectify.

And maybe the words, “ Distance makes the heart grow fonder” did not apply to Carmelita, or she thought he had found someone else, after those carelessly spoken words in their parting,  she married her neighbor.

And therefore, our despondent navy put all his stamina in his work till he reached the apex of his career and became a great man in his field. He married a  gregarious Polish, who was his pretty mate in the Navy. Theirs was a blissful marriage and his broken heart blended vey nicely to his happy home in America.

The desire to see Carmelita, was just borne out of a moment’s impulse, when he was recalling the carefree days  of his youth.

That dinner where I was in attendance talked about the probable meeting of the two ex-lovers.  When I wished him luck, he replied, that it did not matter anymore. I was surprised, because somebody said he spent the entire night trying to locate her in the directory. But he looked at me straight ,and said “ It’s gone, I’m just curious”.

As for me, I hope he would no longer see Carmelita, so that he will always remember her as the very pretty lass from Luzon, and not the shriveled 84-year old woman that she  might be now.

To all the lovers out there, young and old alike, HAPPY VALENTINE,  from CLASS RECORD!