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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 11:42



EDSA 1 is one of those glorious moments of our recent history. When I think back to those days and flash the images of the nuns and the young people,  the soldiers in the tanks who held on to  their guns but did not use them, the women from the so-called socialite groups and the ordinary housewives  who distributed food, I still get goose flesh.  But I get the feeling that for some reason our country  doesn’t appreciate those days  as much as we should. We electrified the world with what  happened in our streets  but now there are those who will mar the memory with their planned protest  on Feb 25 to demand that Pres. Aquino step down.

Those who clamor for Pres. Aquino to step down have their own agenda for doing so but a convenient excuse was given to them by  the tragic incident of Mamasapano. You cannot convince me that Norberto Gonzales or Peping Cojuangco had their hearts broken by the  death of the 44 SAF personnel. I may be naïve but not that naïve.

The news claims that Gonzales and company have formed a transition council to rule the country when Pres. Aquino steps down. Who appointed them anyway to do this?  Pres. Aquino may not be the best leader we can imagine but at least he received his mandate to rule from the people who voted him into office. Peping Cojuangco thinks he can run this country when he could not even make the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) effective enough to get the Philippines into the circle of top winning countries in the Asian Games. And he even refuses to step down from that position when the indicators for effective leadership are easy enough : just count the medals we won in the Asian Games and the ASEAN Games compared to  other countries in the region. And he claims to be able to run the Philippines better than Pres. Aquino? Hogwash!

And then there  are those bishops of the Catholic Church, seemingly speaking for the National Transformation Council, who have called on Mr. Aquino to step down too.  I understand that the bishops  are there to provide moral guidance for those of the Church who have positions of leadership. We can all profit from being shown the right way when we get lost. But I wonder if these good bishops have considered the chaos that can come about if Pres. Aquino is persuaded to step down. If we follow the constitution of our country if the president steps down he is succeeded by the Vice-President. Surely the good bishops are not saying they arte endorsing VP Binay to take over from Pres. Aquino. Dear Lord!

In the heat of passion – anger, fear, whatever – let us not jump from the frying pan into the fire.