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Sunday, 01 March 2015 14:17



Whatever had happened in the past, no matter hurting it was, whether it was a sorrowful or hurting event it had been, we have to learn how to adjust and forget whatever it is and move on!

Being bitter in our lives is unhealthy, and it can even lead us to do something that we would regret later. One such example is the Mamasapano incident. It isn’t only the victims’ families who are affected, but also the whole of our Filipino Nation. Those fallen SAF commandos died in a painful way and it’s truly hurting. I said I wouldn’t like to write about it anymore, however it appears media is magnifying it, pushing the victims to further get hurt, and causing people’s emotions to rise, and in fact, some sectors and the militants are calling for our President to step down. I guess they’re being used and taken advantage of by unscrupulous persons who are having their personal agenda.

Please, let us all be level headed, and shouldn’t be overwhelmed by our emotions. Like fresh wounds, no matter how big and serious it is, it will be cured. Our hurts will heal as time goes by. This will depend on how you will take your hurts and only memories will remain. This shouldn’t stop people from moving on. We shouldn’t blame those who had to do with the Mamasapano mission that caused the death of 44 SAF men as I consider it successful! Again, we should appreciate the heroic deeds that cause their death and await the findings of the Truth Commission, so that true and fair justice shall be given to those 44 fallen SAF men. I hope you wouldn’t mind my saying that the other side are also hurting.

I also wonder whether our government can comply with the P78 billion that our government has committed to the MILF upon passing the BBL, and every year there on, same amount will be given to them, when even our own victims of calamities and war, Muslims and Christians alike, are still in dire need of help..  like giving them comfortable shelters. I also wonder because donations came in by the millions from foreign donors, and even other organizations like ABS CBN have been receiving donations, and yet, housing projects are still unfinished, The only thing I know of is that DSWD and others have only been distributing food stuffs like rice and packed noodles, water, used clothings, etc. This woudln’t be worth the thousands of the dollars and pesos that organizations and government have received in behalf of the victims. And now, our government will be doling out billions to the MILF. I hope, if ever the peace talk will push through, our government will be able to comply with what they promised , or else, we’ll be back to square one. I want to ask this question:Where will our government, thru Deles and Ferrer, and our President get the billions and billions of money to give since we’re aware Philippines have no money?