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Friday, 06 March 2015 14:11



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love…” (Galatians 5:13, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

REAL GOOD PUBLIC SERVICE IS ALIVE—IN THE PROVINCES: In fairness to the campaign to give better service to Filipinos without consideration for bribes or influence peddling, I have to publicly say that, based on my own experience, there are still many government employees who are doing their best to help everyone who come to them, particularly in the provinces.

I was in Iloilo City on March 04, 2015 to research on a four-hectare parcel of land that was first titled in the name of a resident of San Jose, Antique in 1920 or thereabouts, and was I pleasantly surprised to see that the officers and employees of the Lands Management Services of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Regional Office No. 6 immediately assisted me on the research.

This they did in just about thirty minutes without asking me who I was, and without asking me for any money aside from the lawful fees required by law for securing certified true copies of the documents I received from their archives. The bigger surprise to me was that, the same speedy service they gave me was given by the officers and employees to all the other people who were there at their office at that time.

* * * *

REGION 6 DENR EMPLOYEES SERVE WELL, THANK GOD! And so I must give credit where credit is due. I have to thank Ms. Doreen Malanguis, the chief record custodian of the DENR Lands Management Services, who personally directed the search for the documents I needed, using the computers of her office, as well as the files in its records section.

I would have thought that Ms. Malanguis was doing this to me because, perhaps by some coincidence or pure luck, she knew I was from Manila or from the media. But I banished this thought right away when I saw that, before and after attending to me, she was doing the same diligence in helping and searching for documents requested by people who wore just plain T-shirts and rubber sandals.

I found myself thanking God, in the Name of Jesus, for Ms. Malanguis and her support staff whose names I failed to get (pity me for this lapse!). Regardless of the general perception that many in government service would not dare extend any assistance to people coming to them for help if their palms or pockets are not lined with money first, DENR Regional Office No. 6  showed there is hope for a much better service to the public. Mabuhay!

* * * *

ILIGAN CITY RD GIVES GOOD SERVICE, TOO: The fact is that, I got the same efficient and courteous service when I went to the Registry of Deeds of Iligan City in Lanao Del Norte, also to do a research, this time on a two-hectare land belonging to the heirs of a once-wealthy and propertied Iligan City resident. Without asking who I was or where I came from, Atty. Joseph Cuevas, the Register, and his staff helped me right away. Again, mabuhay!!!

* * * *

TEEN PREGNANCIES RISING IN ILOILO CITY: Still in Iloilo City, a local newspaper, the Daily Guardian, headlined in its issue on March 05, 2015 a story about a big number of girl-teenagers (and even some of age) from its coastal barangays getting pregnant, as a result of their work as service staff members with eateries and drinking joints.

The girls, according to the Daily Guardian, gave the following as the most common reasons for their pregnancies: curiosity; rebellion; peer pressure; physical satisfaction; multi-social media effects; lack of knowledge about pre-marital sex; rape; and security (where one subject said her lover was supporting her studies). Who was it who said that we must teach our children while they are still young, so they will not depart from our teachings even if they grow old?

* * * *

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