CLASS RECORD: A salute to those who do not forget to pay their debts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 March 2015 14:16

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


I’d like to make a toast to all those who pay their debts on time, without being reminded to do so.  Many will agree, that these kinds of payers are very rare.

I have high regard for those who still pay their debts, even if the lender seems to have forgotten all about it.  My father used to say, “Don’t take anybody for granted, because it does not mean that just because a person is still friendly and silent about our unpaid dues, he does not mind.

I think highly of people who, despite their unexpected financial problem, try their best to pay even a little amount, just to fulfill their promise of paying at the agreed schedule. And of course, do not forget to pay the rest of the amount, the soonest.

Here’s a very common situation:  A borrower pays the lender half of his debt, telling  him of the family’s unexpected needs. The lender, touched with the story of woe, receives the partial amount graciously.

Some borrowers take that kindness to mean, “ you don’t have to pay the rest of the amount anymore because I have seen your burden, and indeed it is very great!  Then this presumptuous borrower, will borrow again, as though he is starting on a clean slate.

My high esteem also  go to those who feel nothing but gratitude, to their lender, even if the money- lender is very rich.  Some borrowers feel cheated when it is time to pay, because they feel that the wealthy get everything ,  while the poor have nothing left to them.

I also admire the borrowers who gladly pay their debts even if the lender is their mother, sister, brother, grandma, or a very close friend.

A lady was in bad temper because her sister requested for some goods from the Barter Trade equivalent to the amount of money she had borrowed from her. The lady grumbled that she could not believe that families are not acknowledged anymore, these days.

Anyway, all of us are sometimes the borrower, and sometimes the lender, and it will make us peaceful when we always  do what is right, no matter what role we play.