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Sunday, 08 March 2015 14:44

BY Berlie G. Yap


It is a human tendency to always see the bleak side of any situation rather than its brighter angle. When water started to enter their small and old boat, Peter yelled begging the Lord to wake-up from sleep—for He was tired from the long day of ministry which they had, because the frightened apostles thought that they were already sinking.

Well, one thing we must know if the Lord is with us in the vessel, nothing evil can happen to us. That is a rest assurance! But the story in the Gospel recounted to how short indeed is man’s vision—that he often sees the peril than the precious blessings or the protection of the Almighty God.

Right after the Lord woke up, he rebuked the winds and the waves then suddenly peace and tranquility replaced the previous boisterous water around, which threatened their lives. Every trial we go through along in life is our actual opportunity to experience the power of God.

God is real! It is an undisputable truth, that even despite the critics may believe it or not. Because God exists, there is no sincere prayer of a believer which is not answered by Him. St James said, “…You do not have because you do not ask God. (Js. 4:3, KJV)

We must go through hardships that God can bless us better. When a provision comes to us and it does easily, we usually do not value it. However, when we bleed before we receive them, we appreciate their value more. Thus we take care of them so well. Hannah prayed for years for a child then God one day gave her request.

Hannah was barren. It was an embarrassment to any wife before to have no children. It was their superstition that God forsook a woman who cannot bear a child. Elkanah, her husband, had another wife. The other wife always mocked her, adding worse insults to her already festering injury.

Thus, one day in her desperation, she went to the Tabernacle to fervently pray to open her womb. God heard her voice. The following year she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who she named Samuel. In her gratitude, when Samuel reached 6-year old, Hannah brought him back to the Tabernacle and offer him to be a Nazerite to serve as a young assistant to the high priest.

She was the happiest because answered her sincere and desperate prayer, hence, in gratitude she gave back her son to the Lord. The value to the blessing was appreciated much by the dire need of a faithful. God visited back Hannah and even gave her 6 more children.

Folks, we cannot out-give the Lord. When we offer something, he returns them to us in a manifold way. Generosity unlocks the heaven’s gates for God’s blessings to flow to one’s life, but the other way for the stingy. We give not because God is impoverished. We do rather for our benefits!

Reciprocity is a natural law. What we are willing to release can be gone forever, but we actually do not lose it. It returns rather many times more to our bosom. When a farmer soaks the handful of kernel of corn seeds to the soil, they die and the former lost them. However, after three days, those same seeds grow as young plants.

In the process of time, when maturity comes, the same farmer shall harvest many more seeds from the handful which he planted few months earlier. Yet, when a farmer rather decides to keep all his seeds and not plant a few to secure a following crop, he deprived himself the opportunity to increase.

In the above examples, our world is bound more to the second one. Stinginess is a symptom of a short-sightedness. When one is such, he fails to see the supposed opportunity he could produce ahead of him. How about you, how do you see things in this life? Do you in the better way or you are in the deprived one?

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