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Thursday, 12 March 2015 11:42



Allow me to say something about some people here in our beloved Zamboanga who have  impressed me as individuals, who have been helping our city in their personal capacity.

The first one I’ll mention is the name of Dist. 1 Representative, Celso Lobregat, who served our city for three terms as Mayor. I guess I don’t have to mention one by one all the good things he had done when he was still Mayor of our beloved city. We all know that from the beginning, he was against the inclusion of Zamboanga City in the ARMM, and mind you all Zamboanguenos agree with the same view that he stands for. Right now, we’re lucky to have him in Congress to fight for our rights. You know folks, it’s a blessing Cong. Lobregat has a bright mind which was able to spot some discrepancies in the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). As I said, we can’t just swallow whatever is fed to us since we live in a democratic country and we’re free to question whatever we don’t agree. It is also a common knowledge that we are all looking forward to live in peace here in this part of Mindanao in spite of diverse people, culture , religion, customs and tradition. Peace be all with you!

Next is Mayor Beng Climaco Salazar, daughter of the late Vice Mayor Jolly Climaco, and niece of the late Zamboanga City Mayor Cesar Cortez Climaco. We can say the Climacos were born to be politicians! Beng, as people love to call her, has a soft heart for children and stands firmly on the advocacy for women, which was just celebrated this month.  As a Mayor, she also supports the non inclusion of Zamboanga City in the Bangsamoro Entity. She’s straight forward and astute head of our City, and I personally describe her as a simple and humble lady!

When it comes to the business side, I would like to mention two people in the person of Pocholo Natividad Soliven and Anton Lim. Pocholo owns Bloomingdale Dept. Store at Minpro, while Anton is a veterinarian, holding his office at Foodmart,  which is one of the oldest grocery stores in the City. Their names are worth mentioning because these are two young people who aren’t politicians, but are involved in socio-civic clubs that do their best in alleviating lives of needy people in their own way!

Eddie and Lolita Chua’s names are also worth mentioning because they are two individuals who unselfishly share their television station to the public! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Eddie and Lolita Chua! More power to your TV 11 and Radio Station!

When it comes to music, I would like to mention the name of Norma Camins Conti., who has written a book.