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Thursday, 12 March 2015 11:54



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good?” (1 Peter 3:13, the Holy Bible).


OF RAPING COWS, BLAMING SUBORDINATES: How can a man rape a cow, as what one Andy Loyola y Anarna of Cavite, was caught doing the other day? Well, we might as well ask a question which deals with a person who could be at the same level as Loyola: how can someone blame those under him of fooling him in relation to a highly sensitive, dangerous, and, of course, profitable operation, such as, perhaps, arresting or killing a world terrorist with so much bounty on his head?

The answer is that, both are suffering from serious mental disorders, and would therefore need to be confined in isolation so as to rehabilitate them, and prevent them from inflicting more harm on animals, and, yes, of course, on their countrymen, too. Undeniably, both men pose dangers to those around them owing to their unstable conditions.

I know what you are thinking of, as you are reading this. But, sorry, I am not referring to anyone in government. I am not even referring to the controversy surrounding the Mamasapano massacre in which 44 officers and men of the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) were brutally slaughtered by people who are supposedly partners of the Aquino government in the quest for peace in Mindanao.

* * * *

THE NEED FOR PURISIMA, NAPENAS, TO TELL THE TRUTH: Be that as it may, there is now a compelling need for both Alan Purisima, resigned chief of the PNP, and Getulio Napenas, ousted chief of the SAF, to tell the truth about the Mamasapano operation on January 25, 2015. If they do not realize it yet, what the President has been blaming them with constitutes clear accusations that they participated in the murder of the SAF commandos.

For, in the Philippine judicial system, there is such a thing as a “principal by indispensable cooperation”, or a person who performs an act indispensable to the commission of a crime. The Supreme Court, in the 2012 case of People vs. Dina Dulay, said that a person could be held guilty for a crime if he did an act without which the crime would not have been accomplished.

If Purisima and Napenas would not say anything now to refute what Aquino is accusing them with, they would in effect be admitting that they had a hand in the mass killing of the SAF officers and men, all because they were the ones who brought the commandos to Mamasapano on their own accord, and then abandoned the policemen to die a grisly death, in the hands of the enemy yet. That is murder, pure and simple, by any standard.

* * * *

WHO ORDERED THE MAMASAPANO OPERATION? The failure of Purisima and Napenas to explain now how the Mamasapano operation came about, who ordered that it be carried out on January 25, 2015, and who directed its operation on that fateful day, could be interpreted to mean that, really, the blame and the liability for the death of the 44 SAF officers and men could be attributed to the two of them alone.

There is not going to be any problem if it is true that Purisima and Napenas were the only ones who planned and carried out this deadly adventure to arrest or outrightly kill Zulkifli bin Hir, or Marwan, the Malaysian terrorist whose specialty is bomb-making. If this is the truth, they then deserve every bit of punishment for their gross blunder, and for the wanton waste of lives among their colleagues in the PNP.

But then, if there is someone else who goofed on the incident, if there was someone else who planned, carried out, and supervised the Marwan operation, wouldn’t it be the height of unfairness and callousness if this someone is going to escape his or her liability? The demand of the times now, for Purisima and Napenas, is for the truth to be disclosed at all cost, for this truth shall set us all free!

* * * *

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