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Friday, 13 March 2015 11:41



Thank God for Cardinal Tagle. His statements  re the moves to make Pres Aquino resign and put a Transition Council in place  show  that he is using his brain and showing moral  leadership as well.

With all due respect to the other bishops who made an earlier statement calling for Pres Aquino to step down, I think they were reacting emotionally rather than rationally. I submit myself to the right of religious leaders to provide moral guidance but I am also deeply respectful of the limits  to the role of religious leaders in  a genuine democracy when it comes to governance.

The Philippines is a  country where about 83% are Catholics.   But we should not forget that the President of the Philippines,  whatever his/her religious affiliation is, is president not only of  those who share that religious affiliation but of all Filipinos – those who make up the majority population as well as  those who belong to the minority. This should never be overlooked no matter how devoted we are to our own religious affiliation.

In this latest case of the Mamasapano tragedy perhaps the bishops could have called attention to the obligation of a leader to truth and accountability, to accepting culpability if this is called for. Perhaps the bishops could have called for the people to withhold judgment  until the truth was established; perhaps the bishops could have called for generosity of heart and humility in all of us so that we can work together and right what is wrong in our society. Sadly though the bishops instead called for adversarial and even political  positions to be taken.

Which brings to mind what happened in the legislative fight to get the RH Bill  passed. What some bishops did then, which was to single out the pro-RH Bill legislators for personal attack, was to disregard the right of the legislators  to follow their own consciences. Which the universal Church still respects. My mind then, as it is now, is that some bishops could not admit that they had lost their hold on the thinking of their flock and thus  wanted  to make  the law to make people  toe the line.

It is said that the best sermon is what people see in how you live your life. Perhaps those  good bishops of the Philippines, who have very openly cast their own position against Pres Aquino, should offer in their own administration of their dioceses, a real alternative to the kind of leadership which they say Pres Aquino has failed to provide. Then perhaps the ordinary parishioners will understand  true moral leadership is all about.