CLASS RECORD: After graduation PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 March 2015 11:42

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Here’s a toast to the graduates! Here too, are my random recommendations for you:

* For boys: After graduation, don’t be in a hurry to be your own man. Many high school graduates waste no time in piercing their ears and tongue, wear their hair long, drink beer and smoke. Hey, you have not arrived yet, you are still milking from the purses of your mothers. You have no right to defy them.

* You are always safe when you do what is right and good even after graduation. The rules of your parents were made for your safety, why would  you so suddenly break away from it just because of a high school or college diploma?

* Continue speaking correct English, when you use the language.  Do not deliberately distort it, just to be cool.   Your parents sacrificed a lot for your education, therefore, apply what you have learned in school. People with fine speech will attract other learned people as well, and you will be in their league when you have this kind of class.

By the way, you don’t have to be boring with your proper way of talking, you can be fun-loving and refined at the same time.

* When you apply for a job, and you are rejected, remember, you are not alone.  Know as early as now, that this world is full of injustices.  Many have been its victims and only the ones who persevere get the prize.  If you get discouraged, nobody from the agency would coax you to try again.  This is a dog-eat-dog society and you have to be the one to encourage yourself, to be resourceful, to package yourself better.

You have to be very industrious in applying, and if nobody hires you yet, take a masters degree. But while you are taking your masters, keep your eyes open for job opportunities and waste no time in applying for it.

* When you have your job already, volunteer to pay for some of the household bills. Do not wait to have a big salary to start. If your parents are well-off, this gesture will make them very proud. But if they are not, the more  they need this  financial help from you.

If you do this, even your shy, undemanding father, will walk the streets bursting with pride, over this very wonderful thing that happened to their family.

Then, be generous with your younger siblings, your poor aunt, your eccentric grandfather and with everybody.  Of course you should not be foolish and spend all your salary for the goodtime of all, what is your diploma for if you are not wise?

So to all of you graduates, a big congratulations,and I’m really excited for the success that will be yours in the years to come!