SQUARE POINT: Politics and the scoundrels PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 March 2015 11:43

BY Jack Edward Enriquez


Ever since we’ve already heard especially during election period that politics here in the Philippines is dirty.

Political analysts and observers, even politicians themselves as well as ordinary people in conversations, used to describe the kind of politics we embrace in running our government affairs as dirty. Never mind other countries. No need to make a comparison for we have such prime concern on what’s transpiring here in the Philippines, our very own native land where we happened to open our eyes and see the light of this planet in the solar system. Except for a few thousands of migrants in foreign lands, most of the 100 million Filipinos were born here and definitely will depart for eternity also here in this archipelago which is known as pearl of the orient seas.

After every election, the Comelec begins to receive protest cases mostly on fraud, cheatings, etc. On the other hand, the Office of the Ombudsman is overloaded with complaints/cases of corruption and culpable violations of the law against erring elected public officials. It only means that there’s something wrong either in our politics or in the way those officials are handling politics in running the affairs of the government.

Aside from that, many incidents of murder or assassination recorded in police files that have to do with political rivalries as well as media killings related to politics.

Politics is the science of political government that covers all policies or affairs of a government.

Politics is never dirty, according to a retired politician who is writing a book on Philippine Politics. Those who want to amass wealth and power through cheatings and dishonesty in politics are the ones making politics dirty like rotten trash that stinks.

In the radio-TV news and the dailies most common are reports about pork barrel scam, Napoles kickback, questionable wealth and properties, overpricing of projects, ghost projects and workers, etc. Locally we have the mysterious unpaid gas bills, overcost defective SP building, uncompleted projects abandoned, rice and sugar smugglings, dubious release of kidnapped hostages and others.

Of course, the taxpayers want to know what’s really happening in our system — politics and government? And that led to the final question: where do our taxes go?

When people are not satisfied of the answers or they felt cheated, politics is blamed. Politics is dirty.

While the scoundrels pretend to be untarnished, innocent like good angels in white.