SQUARE POINT: Ignorance of the law excuses no one PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 13:42

BY Jack Edward Enriquez


Often used to spurn people who slyly try to avoid the consequences for their misdemeanor or infraction of the law. Sad to say, many people today are no longer afraid of the law despite of the sterling advocacy to live by the rule of the law. Through media reports, we are aware of the rampant instances of disobedience, disrespect and defiance of the law taking place anywhere in the country. Mind you, not only perpetrated by lawless elements but also public officials and well-educated workers in public and private agencies.

The familiar question nagging us: Are we governed by laws or what? Or are there sacred cows exempted from laws? But the universal principle is — no one is above the law.

The deteriorated peace and order brought about by insurgency is a clear example of recalcitrance. Leftist leaders pose a threat to the duly instituted authorities. They are hell-bent in taking over the government to enforce their principles as well as grab wealth and power. The unabated killings, sometimes in broad daylight or in public view, organized crimes, robberies, abduction, human trafficking, smuggling, illegal drug trade and proliferation of loose firearms, etc. indicate that laws are now losing the “grip” on the people’s nervous system.

According to news reports, prison officials and jail wardens have been informing us about the present condition of prison facilities especially the congested jail cells all over the country. It means that there’s an excessive increase in the number of scoundrels and law violators, not to mention those scot free or coddled by powerful figures in our midst.

How about the scams, malpractices and other forms of corruption in our government like the pork barrel controversy? Naturally those known personalities who are allegedly involved are not afraid of the law. Should they fear the law and comply with the law as upright citizens free of evil design, such contemptuous art of plunder would not have happened.

In some instances, court orders were ignored and vehemently defied by political officials saying that judges have committed blunder in issuing the order or there was no due process of law or unfair dispensation of justice.

The erudite, educated and the knowledgeable usually say that the struggle for fair justice, the arguments over the interpretation of laws and the rules of court are healthy signs of a democracy in action. Fine.

But the common masses like the poor farmers in a village, the unschooled fishermen in an island, the laborers and vendors—do they care to know about laws? As simple as the laws on anti-jaywalking and anti littering, what happened when the laws were first implemented in this city? Oftentimes, both the law violators and the enforcers would engage in heated arguments as if the laws emanated from other planets. What more if we talk of heinous crimes and high profile criminals?

When a mayor refuses to honor a court order and vacate the office to let someone else take his place, what do the ordinary residents think?

Time will come when more people would be inside the jail than those living outside.