TODAY’S MANNA: Whining or wining? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 March 2015 11:35

BY Berlie G. Yap


With the early start of this year’s summer, it seems that the entire country is now being affected by the sun’s scorching heat. Have you seen on TV the drying rice paddies all over, the farmers’ alarming complaints of their sure losses, and the power outages that are even affecting the NCR?

With all of these odds, anyone’s attitude (or indeed the very real content of his heart) is now measured, whether he whines or he still stays to be grateful to God for the other blessings which are still around, and in fact are the more important ones than anything else. Consider the gifts of life, family, health, and etc.

The recent Cyclone Pam which hit the island nation of Vanuatu is horribly staggering, as it had destroyed endless of properties and tens of lives. Comparing ours here to theirs, if you can agree, life is still better in Zamboanga. Such is a real great reason to be thankful.

There how many of us, this time, do wake up at midnight only to wait for the flow of water, or are affected of the 2-3 hours rotational outage of power in our City? Despite this, did you still see the good or blessing side of them? Let me show you how. We learn in the process to conserve water which we always waste during its abundance; waiting is patience, and patience is virtue.

No different to the power. The availability of our electricity is not inexhaustible. We should know how to value it. After all, the 2-3 hours do not anyway totally hurt us, including even the business sector. They could have little losses of profitability, but not totally!

Friends, whether we are in convenience or in difficulties, life is beautiful! In the example above, we do not run out totally of water supply and the power. With the little we have, let’s make the most of what God gave us. Never to whine, but wine-out all God’s graces, let’s celebrate for them each day.

Elijah lived in the miracle provisions of the Lord. While his entire disobedient nation suffered the long drought and the fearful famine, he was there in an oasis at brook Cherith, fed by the ravens which brought him loaves of bread every day. The God who created the heavens and the earth know how to take care of His children in need.

Then, one day came, the ravens stopped to bring to Elijah bread, while the brook also dried up eventually. He could be disturbed to the sudden change or crisis, though the Scripture did not expressly said so, but it is safe to presume that it could be implied because Elijah was also a human being, who as well was subjected to anxieties and emotions.

Then God came to the scene. He told him to go to a small town called Zarephath, for there would he found a widow who would feed him until the end of the long drought. Logically, the Lord’s direction was very ironic— a widow in an impoverished town would take care of him!

But off he went, and then sure he met the widow who at the time was gathering sticks with her only child. Elijah requested for a meal. The woman in amazement replied that she could not give up or share their last meal to him. Elijah persisted assuring the woman that God was about to also perform a miracle for them.

If you are familiar of their story in 1 Kings, you do know the next thing. The woman’s supply did not dry up. Each time she would scoop-up a handful of flour from her container and pour oil to her dough from her cruise, they just also right away replenished, thus, feeding her, her son and Elijah in the entire long drought.

The little that they had, they celebrated. Each meal, which they thought was their already last in thanksgiving they would bow their heads for the Lord’s provision. After their prayers, each time, the miracle provision also did happen back in the humble kitchen of the poor widow.

While others die cursing God, inside the small hut of an unknown widow a divine miracle permeated, because the people inside chose to obey the Lord and had stayed in gratitude to His goodness. Remember, the earth and people may change, but our God will never. He remains to be good and faithful to all of us.

What discomforts you may be going through right now, use it to be the Lord’s way to provide you every day. God bless you.