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Friday, 20 March 2015 13:58

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


If ever there was a girl, who seem to have it all, it was Liza.

She played the guitar; she made creative letterings and decorated cakes; she was very clever in math and english and she was even a volleyball athlete.

With her native intelligence,  her well-built body and her beauty, everybody was sure that she would be very successful one day!

No one in all her school, could hold a candle against her, in terms of skill and ability and therefore, they made her valedictorian.

But there was something missing in the almost perfect personality of this valedictorian.  And it was the ability to get along well with people.

She resented it when others were given more importance than her, and begrudged those, who gave negative comments about anything which pertained to her.

So when she had her first job, she struggled with anyone  who played blind of her accomplishments and identity.

Even the old janitor of the office was able to offend her. There was a time when he was carrying a very big and heavy box, and he requested her to kindly open the door.

Instead of hurriedly opening the door for him, Liza instructed him of the proper way to handle the  situation, “First, put the box down, open the door, and carry it again, then proceed out of the door.”

Her final admonition to the puffing old man was this, “ It is not proper to ask someone with higher rank, to open doors for you, unless of course, you are a shameless, callous  underling “

You may be sure, that this sort of feedback goes around the office and finds its way into the inner chambers of the managers and supervisors and CEOs, until you wonder why your superiors are not impressed with your potentials.

And although Liza was very talented, but because she was not very helpful, she was not considered an asset there.  And therefore, she did not go far in her career.