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Friday, 27 March 2015 13:36

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


There is an order of things here in this world.

For example, when you are young, you get a formal education.  When you are older, you get married and raise your family, and when you are really old, you rest and remember the past.

There are also cases which go against the grain,l ike that 84-year old gentleman who passed the bar and the 63-year old grandmother who graduated high school with her grand daughter.

These stories, inspire us to plod on,even if the road to our dreams is rough and tough.

But it is when you are young when you have all the opportunities to finish your education, which may not always be yours.

For it is when you are young, that your brain has the capacity to learn and to remember. You also have the time to study for you are not yet encumbered by the heavy charge of earning for your family.

It is when you are young,that your parents are capable of supporting you, because they are not yet too old or weak to work for a living.

It is when you are young when your greatest need is not money but experience. You can accept any job even if the salary is not very big and gain the experience that you need.

It is when you are young when you have the energy to undergo the stress of being bullied, when you are new in the workplace. Bullying is not  uncommon,  for many senior employees find it their duty to  give you the  the baptism of fire.

If you think of having a family and studying at the same time, think twice. If you do this, you will have fewer options  than those who are full-time students. Getting a job will be very urgent for you, that you forego some trainings which are necessary to push your career.

So if you like to soar high, remember, the natural order of things here in this world:  You study when you are young, because you have the energy to undergo the rigors of being a student, you get married after that, for you already have work, and enough wisdom to rear your kids, then you relax and enjoy your grandchildren when you are old.

Congratulations to all the graduates! You have gone this far, be careful now, that your emotions do not get the better of you.  Make your paths smooth with wisdom and self -control.