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Monday, 30 March 2015 13:18



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Whoever fears the Lord walks uprightly,but those who despise him are devious in their ways…” (Proverbs 14:2, the Holy Bible).

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AUTOMATED POLLS VS. MANUAL ELECTION: BOTH ARE EVIL? So what really would be more beneficial—an automated election where the security and safety features assuring an honest and accurate selection of candidates are removed, or an election by manual voting and counting where vote buying, ballot snatching, and vote padding and shaving can be resorted to?

Indeed, this is the classic “devil or deep blue sea” scenario, the “damn if you do, damn if you don’t” possibility. It is not even the case of choosing the lesser evil, for in an automated election where security features are removed, and in a manual election where vote padding and shaving are routinely carried out, there is no lesser evil to speak of, since both are evil of the highest order.

Then, the fact is that, no matter what system we are to adopt for the 2016 elections, we will be voting into office the same set of rotten officials—ready to commit graft and corruption, ready to abuse, ready to plunder our nation, ready to commit even the most despicable treason against the Republic of the Philippines and the Filipino people, if only to further their own personal, family, and family, agenda.

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NO POINT IN HOLDING 2016 ELECTIONS: There would be absolutely nothing for the people, no matter who gets elected in 2016. So I agree that, unless we as a people can have a meaningful choice, unless we as a people can be assured that only those who have fear and love of God, and those who have genuine care and concern for Filipinos as a whole, can be elected, there is no point in holding any elections in 2016 or thereafter.

So then, what can we do? Given the evil-prone politicians that we have nowadays, it is more than a “mission impossible” for anyone to even dream of reform or beneficial change. Politicians of every hue and color have been uniformly promising, all throughout history, a better life for our country and our people, yet the promises, as the cliché goes, have been honored more in breach rather than in their being fulfilled.

Clearly, there is nothing we can do, at least for the short term, or in the near future. But this does not mean that reform and change, the beneficial ones that can transform poverty into material prosperity, cannot be achieved. There is a way, and it is surprisingly simple, at least for those who believe in God.

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GODLY CHILDREN ARE OUR BEST BET FOR THE FUTURE: Why do we have corrupt and graft-prone and plunderous officials? It is because they were made so when they were yet private citizens, when “public service” was still far from their minds. How did this happen? They became corrupt and graft- and plunder-prone when they grew up without any fear and love of God, brought about by their inability or outright refusal to learn or imbibe spirituality.

When our government officials were still private citizens, they failed, or refused outright, to read the Bible (or any other book of their own religious groups), to study its teachings, and to obey the commands of God that have been written therein. As a result, these private citizens-turned-government officials became capable of doing the most evil deeds after they have been installed in power, living official lives that do not honor God.

Therefore, if we want to elect officials who will not steal and plunder, who will be righteous and godly and spiritually-guided during their incumbency, we, as citizens must start listening to God by reading His Bible, and start obeying His commands, and teaching our children the same godly conduct, so that when they grow up and get  elected to office, we can be sure of righteousness overflowing from them. That is the only way!

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