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Tuesday, 14 June 2011 14:13

It is quite encouraging to note that the peace negotiations of the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front had finally moved forward. This is one big light at the end of the tunnel since the talks bogged down with both sides rigidly standing path on their positions.

The agreement that would put an end to the destructive landmines which had victimized not only combatants but civilians, signals a significant step towards peace. Even the international community is happy with this development that even the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action are offering to play a major role in deactivating and removing land mines.

This understanding dealt the Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist bands which we are aware had been helping and tutoring elements of the secessionist fronts in fabricating, setting up of landmines and exploding them for effect.

This will also favor the government peace keeping force in running after murderous terrorists as the hindrance to their hot pursuits are the landmines which the Front planted in the escape routes of the pesky groups.

If the peace talks continue to prosper we are certain that the investors will give Philippines, particularly Mindanao, a closer look. A healthy peace environment in the region will surely be a magnet for investments. Even America and the European Union are just waiting for a meaningful memoranda of understanding between the panels negotiating for peace for them to release the promised aid to the region. What more if a stable peace agreement will be achieved? This is not to expect dole outs to come streaming to Mindanao, especially in the conflict areas, but for sure soft loans, some grants and technical support will come this way if there is enough bases to believe that the aid will not be used to rearm for yet another war but to help displaced communities go back to their productive and peaceful live.-- MENARDO WENCESLAO