Discipline for peace PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 April 2015 14:44


BY Jack Edward Enriquez


Whatever people think or say, the wheel of justice is still moving on. Many of us do believe in it. Fine.

But don’t get offended if many also observe the way how the wheel of justice moves — evidently too slow or staggeringly or haphazardly or whatever it may be. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. And most of the time, it’s proven that truth hurts.

After all, we just want to be honest on what can be seen, perceived, discerned or observed in public offices and around us anywhere in our country today.

Due to hideous obstructions or meddling, law enforcement cannot be properly implemented; solution of cases cannot be expedited, even court orders cannot be carried out and complied according to standard legal procedures. So many technicalities including the so-called gray areas and loop holes in the provisions of laws have to be argued and debated for so long a time before a verdict is reached. At times, the case remains unsolved or pending in court while those involved, both the plaintiff and respondent, have already been gone to hereafter. Certainly the situation gets worst when the dirty finger of politics would dip into or the litigation process would be tainted with bribery.

Now is the time for our security forces, law enforcers and peacekeepers to be more resolute and ready to fight against law breakers, villains and criminals who are armed and merciless in perpetrating heinous crimes in peaceful communities. Undoubtedly they are the product of undisciplined lineage grown up in a culture of violence. They are like voracious beasts adhering to the law of the jungle without any sense of remorse as they victimize helpless and innocent fellowmen. In order words, they are making a mockery of our laws. Consequently peace is driven away and remains elusive for quite a time.

Feedbacks from all walks of life across the communities indicate that the peace loving citizenry is already fed up of the scary, disheartening and sickening news reports day after day regarding criminalities, illegal drugs, unlawful activities, malpractices and corruption in three branches of government and the LGUs, the AFP and PNP, and the discrepancies in the judicial system, like the dragging case of the Maguindanao massacre; futile arrest order for Nur Misuari and the conviction of all those involved in the Zamboanga Siege; the plain truth about the Mamasapano fiasco; the political conflict in Makati, etc.

Of course, we take cognizance of the exceptional few who are genuine in their desire to serve the people. They are exerting all efforts to uplift the living conditions of the millions of indigent families without the intention of exacting a bounty in return.

From the viewpoint of ordinary parents who would panic and run to the school to take their children home everytime a bomb threat comes around  — there’s an urgent need to instill discipline if we are serious in our effort to stop crimes and lawlessness once and for all. Police and military authorities should adopt the iron fist policy and apply the full force of the law, if there’s a need.

Those corrupt officials in government service who are under the influence of greed and avarice should be imprisoned without spending so much time in the course of the prosecution.

When people are disciplined, they respect and obey the laws. When everyone respects the laws, lawlessness vanished...but peace.