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Friday, 24 April 2015 14:46




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… maintain justice in the courts…” (Amos 5:15, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

CA JUSTICE BUESER SUED FOR BIAS: In the on-going court battle over the ownership of the Harbour Centre Port Terminal Inc., a long-standing rule prohibiting the filing of criminal complaints against judges and justices before any office other than the Supreme Court is being put to the test, just like what is happening now to the similarly long-standing rule on condonation of past administrative offenses when an elected official gets re-elected in a subsequent election.

One of the parties in the Harbour Centre Port Terminal, Inc. case, One Source Port Support Services, through its lawyer-president Cyrus Paul Valenzuela, sued before the Ombudsman Court of Appeals Justice Danton Bueser, a former elected congressman from Laguna, a province south of Metro Manila, for alleged bias in issuing orders and resolutions which always favored  the opponent of One Source Port Support Services.

I remember that, in the past, when a criminal complaint against any judge or justice is lodged with the Ombudsman or any other government agency, the case will always be forwarded to the Office of the Court Administrator for its investigation. Is One Source aware of this rule, when it sued Justice Bueser before the Ombudsman?

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PAY ATTENTION TO PEOPLE WHO INVOKE GOD AND HIS WORD: Here is something I learned whenever the Name of God, or His Word, is invoked. Everyone must take that invocation seriously, and act on the basis of the truth that God will not allow His Name or His Word to be invoked in vain. God will always honor His Name or His Word, and will punish those who will not similarly honor His Name or His Word.

I am saying this because I am aware of someone who turned to invoking the Name and the Word of God in his battles to defend his honor and of himself out of desperation, considering that his opponent is rich, mighty, influential, and very powerful because of the favors, financial or otherwise, that it had been freely giving to everyone who did its bidding.

This person’s opponent had already caused damage to him, yet the opponent continued feeling so aggrieved by the person’s helping the opponent’s opponents. Since no one appeared willing to help the person in his fight against the wealthy opponent, that person turned to God, and became profuse in his invocation of His Name and His Word.

* * * *

GOD HONORS THOSE WHO INVOKE HIS NAME AND WORD: The opponent and the people working for him ignored the invocation of God and of His Name, confident that their wealth and position will always prevail. Yet, God has a way of honoring those who call on Him and invoke His Word.

In a curious turn of events, one particular person who, out of the blue, suddenly decided to help the opponent of the person invoking God found himself being embroiled in nasty disputes that put in doubt his personal and official integrity and honesty. One accusation against him is that he favors those who pay him for his work.

The truth is that, other persons who were approached by the wealthy opponent refused to be enticed to help it. Yet, this one particular person who appeared to have succumbed to the enticement of the opponent is now himself accused of many wrongdoings, coming from other people who appeared to have been victimized by him, too.

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