A foresight for everything PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 27 April 2015 12:01



Yes, having a foresight for everything is very important! In other words, we should have the ability in foreseeing what is going to happen in the future, and prepare contingent plans to solve any problems that may arise in a given situation! That is what we expect from our government officials, may they be local or national.    Perhaps, if our local and national government officials have prepared plans before these public utilities like water and electricity that have been giving us problems since time immemorial, we wouldn’t be suffering much on the shortage of water and the blackouts! I hate to admit it, but our local and national officials, those who are assigned to manage it, lack the foresight. These should be blamed on the past managements of these very important utilities. I said important, because we need badly water and power in our everyday lives!

We can’t blame people from complaining so much, which include our local officials, ’coz they too are suffering. Yes, if you have generators in your homes, but the heat is still unbeatable. But what really bothers me is that in spite of the 6-hour blackout, and in spite of the fact that we try to minimize using electrical appliances at home, our electic bills had risen!!! Isn’t this something we should complain about? I hope Zamcelco Manager George Ledesma should have to clear this matter to us consumers! I have no complaints against Zamboanga Water District, ‘coz our water bill had lowered almost 1/4th of the usual more than 2k. We try hard to conserve water!

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