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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 13:54

It is basic in a typical Filipino culture to give value to familial matters most especially to private matter involving the number of children a family has to  raise. Most often, it is an agreement between husband and wife based on their capacity to  raise them with basic provisions i.e. education, food, shelter and the likes.

As time evolves, such deeply entrenched private matter in our Filipino family culture caught the eyes of our present government leadership. President Benigno S. Aquino III wants to instill on Filipino couples the sense of responsible parenthood without jeopardizing the welfare of their children once they will be part of the still ballooning population of the country.

Though the president is a bachelor yet, he sees to it that the very basic needs of a family will be provided well so they may not pose as a problem or as additional burden to prevailing societal problems faced by the country's leadership. Methink he cannot take in to watch a family with big number scrimping over a little food on the table or he cannot bear to hear street children crying in the streets of the prime metropolis in the country and those in the remotest of hinterland in the country for absence of food and is suffering from extreme hunger.

Much more, the president cannot swallow deliberate and unchristian leaving of fetus anywhere and even leaving the innocent angels near the house of God in Metro Manila that makes the portrait of a Filipino family worst to many who have witnessed such evil deeds and acts purportedly done by fellow Christians.

P-Noy just want to make the Filipino family now more drenched in a state of helplessness and despair, though partly of their own creation, for government now to act immediately to  address this issue hounding the country for the past nth leadership. For him, now is the  right time to act seriously to give balance to a Filipino society where its number of people surpassed the number of resources which paint a picture of an imbalance society.

The issue on family planning is a matter of state policy geared towards the welfare and benefit not only to Filipino family but to the Filipino society as a whole. It is not a question whether one has to abandon the Christian faith of observing the sanctity of life for we all valued it so much as we are living and part of a Christian community but rather the issue dwells more importantly on how we can make the Filipino society more wholesome, more livable and more importantly a society where nobody is left in the pace of development.


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