Manny Pacquiao still our champion PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 15:33




Pardon me if I say sh—t to the judges during the boxing bout last Sunday  that made Floyd Mayweather the winner of the most awaited boxing bout in the history of the sport. The three judges, who gave it to Mayweather should show to us on what points they based their judgements, because we saw with our own eyes the punches that he received from Pacquiao! Manny kept running after him because he avoided his punches, but he still got many of it!

People around the world will agree that it was our very own Manny that should have  been adjudged as the winner. I am not a boxing expert, but I know that our Manny was given a raw deal. I thought that the only way Mayweather can win is to knock down Manny, but it didn’t happen. Honesly, it puzzled us how Floyd won! I guess, you all noticed that when the boxing was over, Floyd started shouting he was the winner! As if he knew even before the boxing was over! When in fact, he kept running away from Manny. It looked like a sort of a game “come and get me if you can” hehe.

Well, if Manny himself accepted his defeat, due to a defect in his left ‘Pamatay kamao,’ then we have to close this matter about his losing the boxing bout. Honesly speaking, I enjoyed more the boxing bout of Cayetano vs his opponent. It was more exciting than watching Mayweather running around the ring, hehe.

Booooo to Mayweather! My sympathy to the Pacquiao bettors!