One ordinary day PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 08 May 2015 14:33


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran


Martin was helping his mother clean the yard, just like any ordinary summer afternoon.

He was one of those very remarkable boys by virtue of being helpful and obedient even before his mother was angry, unlike most teenagers, who would obey hurriedly, only after the mother has lost her temper already.

But even if Martin was a remarkable boy, he was just like the rest of the boys who talked of motorcycles and girls, and who liked having friends along with him wherever he went.

So in that ordinary summer afternoon during the yard cleaning, Martin’s father asked him to buy bananas for frying.

And therefore, Martin passed by his friend, Mark, and the two of them gaily went about Martin’s errand. And while they were walking, a motorcycle stopped in front of them, and who could it be, but Paolo, their other friend, handsome and cool driving it. He  invited them to ride with him outside.

What a wonderful day for the three of them that ordinary afternoon was, as they greatly enjoyed that motorcycle ride!

And what more?  Some pretty teenagers were talking at the corner and Paolo right away zigzagged his motorcycle to call the attention of the pretty females.  But his passengers were greatly alarmed by his speed, that they jumped down, no matter if they did look coward to the giggling girls.

Except for the scratches on their knees, they had no other injury except the injury on their self-esteem when the girls laughed at their fearfulness . But Paolo, the driver, crashed onto a wall and fractured his leg, and had to stay in the hospital for three months.

Martin and Mark planned on resting home, after telling Paolo’s mother about him, but a policeman who was off -duty happened to drive by, and took action.

He called an ambulance for Paolo, and Martin and Mark saw themselves in the middle of a crowd.  The diligent off-duty policeman, brought the two of them to the police station, where they were interrogated, and interviewed by a media man.

Their accident was featured that night on TV, with the head of Martin and Mark covered with a blanket or something like that, to shield their identity.

It was just supposed to be one of those run-of-the- mill days for Martin, but it turned out otherwise.  Martin’s wise mother reminded him, that one mistake may ruin your life forever, so always be careful with the actions that you take.

And Martin, who was remarkable as ever,regarded this important lesson to heart, and never ever rode with unlicensed teenagers,even if  it was a cool thing to do, for you can never tell the turn of events that would happen in a very ordinary day.