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Monday, 11 May 2015 13:35



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God… Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ…” (Romans 8:14, 17, the Holy Bible).


LP: GRACE POE CAN’T BE A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE YET: As expected, the Liberal Party’s President Aquino is trying his bottom best to convince highly popular Sen. Grace Poe to play an active role in the presidential elections next year, 2016.

While there is some attempt to still keep secret what her ultimate role would be, it is already certain that she will be asked to run as the vice presidential candidate of the LP, with Secretary Mar Roxas running for president. It couldn’t be otherwise—Mar is going to be the LP’s standard bearer, and not even the surging popularity of Grace could remove this right from him.

I was talking to Rep. Edgar Erice (LP, Caloocan City) last week, when we attended the wake of a relative of mine in the city, and he confirmed that Grace is being convinced to run only for the vice presidency, the idea being that, while she maybe more popular now than Mar, she is still largely a neophyte, still lacking in experience, still lacking in the necessary political machinery, which Roxas already have! In short, Grace can’t be a presidential candidate yet!


GRACE IS BEING ASKED TO RUN ONLY AS VP BY LP: Too, Grace is being made to see that even with other political parties which are now preparing for the 2016 presidential elections, there is no chance that she will be asked to run as their standard bearer, simply because those other parties already have their own presidential candidates.

The recently-accredited United Nationalist Alliance will surely have Vice President Jejomar Binay as its candidate for president. The Nacionalista Party, if it will be minded to field its own candidate, will choose from among its prominent members now, which include Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, and even former Sen. Manuel Villar.

The same thing is true with the Nationalist People’s Coalition of businessman Eduado Cojuangco, or with the Partido ng Masang Pilipino of Manila Mayor and former President Joseph Estrada, whose loyal members are egging him to run as president once again. That being the case, LP will appear to be doing Grace a favor by allowing her to run as Mar’s running mate.

* * * *

GRACE POE IS STILL YOUNG TO BECOME PRESIDENT? Grace is also being told that she is still young anyway—and so she will have plenty of time if the desire to become president someday has already been instilled in her heart by her victory as the number one senator in the 2013 elections. Right now, the best thing for her to do is allow herself to gain more political maturity and savvy, by being the country’s vice president for the next six years.

* * * *

WHO SHOULD WE VOTE FOR IN 2016? In the meantime, what is best for our people? It is for all of us Filipinos, between now and 2016, to learn how to choose the best candidate possible. And who could this be? The one in whom the Spirit of God dwells, or he or she who fears and loves God. We should strive to look for this candidate, because a candidate who has the Spirit of God will be the best official we could ever have.

An official who has the Spirit of God will not steal, will not cheat, and will not lie. He will discharge his duties and responsibilities according to the guidelines set forth by God in His Word, the Bible. He will love God above all else, and he will not do anything that would compromise the wellbeing of his countrymen, because he will be loving them as he loves himself. Let us vote for this candidate!

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