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Wednesday, 15 June 2011 14:19

What’s illegal is illegal. Whatever it is should be stopped in the eyes of the law.
But what’s actually happening today is beyond comprehension, as if it’s too difficult to understand— the logic, consistency or whatever. Right before our eyes or under the very nose of our authorities, there are illegal and unlawful activities taking place. Based on our existing laws, those are prohibited and any violation of the law is punishable.

For example: illegal logging, illegal mining, illegal quarrying, etc.
Look at our forests— destroyed and denuded. After all the rains and erosion, the areas turned into tracts of barren land. Hills, ravines and gorges were destroyed due to excavations and mining activities. The seashores are slowly vanishing from sight due to rampant illegal quarrying as what’s happening in the shoreline of Labuan and other coastal barangays.

The residents of a fishing village have been complaining and calling for the intervention of government authorities to stop the gathering of sand from their shore.
Unfortunately this call has fallen on deaf ears. Not only that. Apparently our city public officials are blindfolded that they cannot see the destruction inflicted on our  environment.

At the Sangguniang Panlungsod, the committee on environment refused to conduct an investigation for the reason that there are some barangay officials involved. Being a barangay representative. Councilor Nuño wants to avoid public suspicion of being biased in whatever manner. While Vice Mayor Iturralde reportedly was against convening the council as a whole in looking into the said problem. And there was no official report yet on the matter released by the City Environment Officer.
An opposition councilor, according to news report, has offered himself to initiate an Investigation with the consent of the environment committee, but it wasn’t taken favorably because of political repercussion.

And so the illegal quarrying in Labuan continues. That’s the result of too much politics.
Some political pundits defined politics as the art or science of political government.

When we indulge in politics motivated by our desire to alleviate the plight of our fellowmen, everything will be in its proper perspective bringing forth a fine governance.    However, if motivated by personal interest and greed, then there will be grumblings and discontent leading to public outcry.

In my younger years, I used to listen to a beautiful phrase of inspiration — Mindanao, the land of promise. Today only the land remains, but the promise no more. --Jack Edward Enriquez