Mother: Do you remember her? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 May 2015 13:36



“Mother is the best ever friend we can have. Her smile softens the most furious heart.

Her hug melts the toughest hurt. Her laughter breaks the wildest rage.  And her love strengthens the frailest bond.” —  Grace

Do you believe that no one is ever ready to accept when told that, “Your Mom is gone?”

Most often than not, we usually take our Moms for granted since we always expect her to be there whenever we need her or something went wrong or our friends are coming over. Always, we look forward to her presence when troubles arise; when friends desert us; when thunderstorms strike; or when loved ones are lost. She is our strength.

I remember going home to my Mom whenever I find things hard to comprehend or I needed an advice about my lessons or when my own children get sick. I can’t remember a day that I don’t visit her for something that I needed help. She was my Adviser.

Remembering our Moms on her special days will surely lift her pride and bring her delight; be it her Natal Day, Mother’s Day or any special event at that, remembering  her is a great honor and tribute, for she’s our one and only Mother and  a treasure to  behold!

“A mother is one who can take the place of all others, bBut whose place no one else can take.”— G. Mermilliod  (Grace C. Espiritusanto/Secondary School Head Teacher IV)