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Wednesday, 13 May 2015 14:18


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Whenever a big fire occurs or a flash flood, a storm surge and other calamities including man- made, the displaced families are usually housed in barangay halls, covered courts and so often in public school buildings due to lack of evacuation centers or a building for that particular purpose. The result cast an impact on the studies of school children which is common knowledge to DepEd and city officially. Lately there was a proposal in the City Council to construct big evacuation centers with complete facilities within the city proper or, perhaps, one each in the west and east coast. Whatever happens, the head of the city’s RRMO can tell us about it.

Today everybody in this Latin City is affected by the long dry spell which has brought about the severe water crisis, particularly indigent families in higher areas where water service is sheer deplorable. Residents have to endure sleepless nights waiting for the water to come, though can hardly get enough water for the family needs because of the long line of empty containers in waiting.

Now concerned officials are talking of remedial measures or good ideas on how to wrestle with the crisis. Mind you, this predicament has been here with us, although this time the situation seems worst because of the global warming and climate change.

As we are pestered by this water crisis, we are also beset by the power shortage. Certainly there’s no way out from here upon taking them as adversaries in life. In this situation where power production cannot meet the demand, no one is spared. Both the rich and the poor are equally suffering. The poor uses less electricity unlike the rich, but their means of living and the food they eat additional expenses eating much of the return of their investment.

Now they talk of buying expensive modular gen-set from UK to fill up the shortage in much needed megawatts. Also the proposed coal power plant which is still too far from today’s crisis. Maybe there are other proposed plans being discussed by our leaders.

What Square Point observes: Everytime a crisis emerges, active leaders would meet, talk, discuss and propose plans of action for immediate solution. When the crisis returns, the people’s outcry is still there but the solution nowhere to be found. Again they meet, talk, discuss and plan. Crisis would just come and go year after year. The same thing happens as time passes by. We always rise back to our feet when we fall, but we’ve never learned any lesson. There might be foresight or perception into the future, but action is apparently nil.

Manager of utility or service entities should not only think of how to deliver the services to the consumers, but see to it that the services are by all means available anytime of the year, if possible, even in times of calamity. That’s the dream of the people who have been dreaming for so long, yet until now still a dream. And the dreams die with them.

Maybe that sounds too much, but remember — a manager is tasked to direct, control and handle the operation for prosperity and better service to the clients/consumers. So he has to do everything within his means to have a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day.

Or else he has no business to be there!