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Friday, 15 May 2015 14:24


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Aaron promised himself that he would be very serious with his studies in college.

His ambition was  to be a ship captain, and and it was already time to be in earnest with one’s education.  His negligence in his studies was just a high school thing. Of course, a young man had to also enjoy himself and be reckless at one point of his life.

But that was all in the past. Now, he was going to employ himself in diligence and get high grades, for how can one be a captain if your grades were low?

He would show everyone his real ability this time. His 78% high school average would just be a laughing matter, whencompared withthe high college grades he was going to obtain.

So Aaron excitedly went to enroll in nautical.But alas! heunhappilyfound out that he was not qualified for the course.  There had been a change in guidelines for the nautical  course, which was just implemented recently. They just accepted students with a high school average of 83% above!

What was he to do? He was seeing his castle crumble in the sand, evenbefore he had the opportunity to build it.  His mother and a ship captain friend of the family, entreated with the school president to give him a chance, after all, his college entrance test score was very high.

The president explained that the school just qualified in the “white-list”, (exclusive group of nautical schools whose graduates qualified to embark in European vessels), therefore, they had to upgrade their standards to maintain it.

Had Aaron just known of the change of credentials, he could have prepared himself better in high school, and obtained a higher average, for he was really very much smarter than his grades.

Aaron’s regret was that, his commitment to do well in his studies was one year too late.

And if you are smart my dear students, you would learn from Aaron and try your hardest to have a very good scholastic record, no matter what your ambition is. For you can never tell the change of qualifications which may happen in the future.