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Sunday, 17 May 2015 14:05


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Most senior citizens have one common complaint — they can’t sleep well at night or can hardly catch some sleep from the moment they lie in bed until the break of dawn.

According lo health authorities, when a person gets into his advanced age, it’s but natural for him to have shorter time in sleeping or simply cannot stay asleep for long hours as compared to the young ones. A savant puts it this way — an elderly finds it too difficult for him to fall asleep because he is remorseful or bothered by failures and ugly experiences in life as well as too worried on how to make the most of his last days on earth. The happy-go-lucky guys are exempted for they don’t care so much what happens to their lives like the singing birds up there flying cheerfully from branch to branch.

During our school year, we came across a foreign cliche on how to catch the elusive sleep at night. It’s counting sheeps to sleep. Some friends tried counting goats for we don’t have sheeps here.

Surprisingly Square Point has a nice poem that can induce you to sleep. It really has a hypnotic effect.Try it tonight.

Relax Jack relax

Relax Jack relax

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Got 10 sleep now

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Got to sleep now

Relax Jack relax

Sleep, sleep, sleep

Go to sleep now

I close my eyes

Let me fall asleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep

When you lie in bed. put off the lights and set aside all the worries and misgivings. Chant it to yourself gently. Say your name instead of Jack. After a while, you’ll find yourself in an awesome dream. Try it.

In communities, however, where there are so-called ruthless bed wreckers, this poem is worthless, Definitely nothing can undermine them. The thunderous noise from the racing motorcycles down the road reverberates though your hearing sense enough to jolt you from the bed and keep you awake in the wee hours of the dawn. The drag racers are amused by the ear splitting sounds and the heavy smoke from the mufflerless

engines unminding of the agony beseiging those awakened in bed.

Meantime some of your neighbors are fond of having a drinking spree. When they become tipsy, the effect of liquor takes over, their sing along or karaoke sound is on. grab the microphone and the songfest of the night begins. Each of one of them turns a balladeer, a rocker or a rapper trying to imitate their idol like Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Martin Nievera or Gary Valenciano. Oftentimes the drunken singing stars continue their sickening concert to shock the neighborhood especially those who are in dire need of sleep for tomorrow is another busy day to earn a living.

At times, the merriment would turn to a heated argument. Due to the influence of liquor, their senses collapsed and they became wild and violent resulting to a ruckus and a free-for-all fight. Consequently the entire neighborhood is thrown into a pandemonium, scared and terrified.

The senior citizens, our lolos and lolas, are praying hard so that their community will be spared by the ravage bed wreckers.