Strangers: Have you been kind to them? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 May 2015 08:46



“One of the most difficult things to give away is KINDNESS. It is usually returned.” — Cort R. Flint

Try to remember the time you’ve ever been genuinely kind to strangers. Were you ever truly concerned about them or were you just forced to do the kind act because of pressure, politics, prestige or media? Sometimes we become so engrossed in our own problems and concerns that we forget that there are other people who are suffering more than we do. These days, we are so indifferent and unconcerned about how other people are doing, specially so if they are strangers.

We always hear the saying, “It is better to give than to receive.” Yet, to many of us today, its meaning seemed to have faded away. We forgot that we can always be an angel to anyone in need, especially if that one person is a stranger. The only thing we have to do,  is a little act of kindness, which, for all we know, might change that person’s life forever. Helping others need not be expensive. We can always share a tap on the shoulders, a hug, a prayer, an embrace, a letter, a listening ear, a hand to hold on or to just simple be there for them.

Whenever you get the chance to do good, or show kindness today, tomorrow or next month or week, never hesitate to do it. Be an angel on your own true way. specially to strangers. It might even be your last legacy to your fellowmen. Don’t just do it for any reward expected, do it because you love others as you love yourself. Someone sees your action even if others do not.

Helping others is not a task; it is a loving gesture of someone who loves God and his neighbors.

“He who loves his fellow man is loving God the best way he can.” — Alice Cary. (Grace C. Espirusanto is a secondary school Head Teacher IV)