The West Valley Fault is ripe PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 June 2015 08:30



Honestly, I wouldn’t want to experience another earthquake in my life time! Television newscasts and TV talk shows keep flashing news about a 7.2 earthquake that might occur anytime in Luzon, especially in Metro Manila, as the West Valley Fault is ripe. The path or the cities that are known to be under the earthquake belt have been warned to prepare for the big quake!

Cities under the earthquake belt have been identified and local officials were advised to prepare their constituents on what to do in case the big quake comes. Schools under the earthquake belt will be transferred for the safety of the students. Of course, since I was staying somewhere in Taguig, I was sort of frightened. I advised my two grandchildren to run out of their condo as soon as the tremor starts, but never use the elevator, or if it happened in the evening, run under the dining table! I also bought two flashlights for them because electricity will be cut off and darkness would follow.

If it weren’t because of my sick husband, I wouldn’t leave them alone with their kasambahay and would have waited untill their mom will arrive from abroad. I enjoyed my 15-day vacation with nothing to worry about eating, watch my daily tele serye. I didn’t like to go around malls, as the heat is too much. I only went to Asia Mall once and dropped by Rustan’s. Parking lots are like ovens. Gosh, it’s truly hot. The only good thing about the sun is that ...the water in the pool is warm.

A Saturday before last, we drove to Laguna to visit our son Matt and family. We also went to Tagaytay, ‘coz I wanted to take some pictures of Taal Volcano surrounded by a lake. Sad, ‘coz it was foggy, and Taal Volcano wasn’t so clear. However, I enjoyed the trip, and what attracted me most were the variety of flowers. How I wish we were living nearby, hehe. My friend Marcy Fernandez, who is also a plant enthusiast said we will be making the garden owners rich by buying plants from them. I did have a restful 15 days vacation!

Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where my son and his family live is also under the earthquake belt. Folks, before I close my column, may I ask each and every one of you to please pray for the safety of our fellow Filipinos! Thank you.