SQUARE POINT: Brigada Eskwela, in vain? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 June 2011 14:31

According to information reaching us, the Brigada Eskwela conducted in all public schools here in this city was successful due to the enthusiastic attitude of the community.

The involvement of almost all sectors in various activities to prepare the schools for the opening of classes was very impressive. We’re happy to learn of the coordinated efforts and the zealous gestures shown by school heads, teachers, students and parents assisted by military and police personnel, barangay and civic leaders, businessmen and prominent individuals.

Especially in depressed villages where parents are striving hard against poverty as in hand-to-mouth existence, the teachers have to be more assiduous and quite resourceful, even spending from their own pockets to buy the basic needs of their school.

After Brigada Eskwela, a few days of repair works and preparations, now the schools stand ready to accommodate the incoming school children by June 6. However, there’s one pressing problem that seems to block the way of the young children in going to schools especially in remote areas of the city. It’s poverty and hunger.

From the feedbacks we received, some children go to school with empty stomachs because they have nothing to eat at home. Their parents have left the house early morning to earn little money enough to buy rice and fish. Others would ask their teachers to go home early or merely doze on their seats because they’re hungry.
We have prepared the schools for them. But they’re hungry inside the classroom. What can a hungry child learn?

This is the question that we have to find the right answer the soonest time possible. Though it may sound easy, yet the situation is getting worst in far flung areas where the birth rate is uncontrolled and livelihood is scarce, this problem has been there since time immemorial, but no permanent solution given except mediocre remedies. Now it seems to be getting out of hand as our population has grown rapidly.

Our point is— unless our public officials will do something to solve this problem, efforts spent in the Brigada Eskwela are in vain. --Jack Edward Enriquez