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Sunday, 07 June 2015 16:11

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

A very exciting and intriguing topic of discussion happened the other night while my friendly neighbors and myself had a little bonding at a corner store and barbecue stand inside the Suterville Subdivision. The topic was about a text message going viral in the internet from a certain man with a Moro sounding name, warning all Christians in the country to prepare to leave once the BBL will be approved, because they will take over the country which is rightfully theirs as the first inhabitants of the country. (This text message might come from a prankster that the MILF hierarchy is never aware of) however, for purposes of discussion, we Christian Filipinos found time to think about the matter.

* * * *

A neighbor, a retired marine officer from Iloilo who made Zamboanga City his home, asked an intriguing question, I don’t look like a mestizo Spaniard or American or Arab not even Japanese so where did my forefather come from? I am as brown as any pure Filipino, my facial look is Filipino, my nose and the color of my eyes are the same as a pure Filipino coming from all over the country, so if they drive us away because we are Christian, shall we go? Including myself, we were eighth in the group, all coming from the Visayas with one Ilocano, all are pure Filipinos and are Christians, agreed to the Marine officer’s opinion and said “yes indeed, where did my forefathers come from?”

* * * *

One neighbor, a retired university professor in the Visayas, said seriously that the texter, with a Moro sounding name and a believer of Islam might have forgotten the very beginning of Christianity and Islam. These two religions in the Philippines were brought to our shores by foreigners. Islam by Arabs and Catholic Christians by Spanish friars and other Christian sects by Americans, except the Iglesia n iKristo by Rev. Manalo, a pure Filipino.  Before these foreign religions came to the Philippines, all pure Filipinos were pagans, dark and kinky haired called Aetas orNegritos by the Spaniards. The Bangsa Moro and the BBL should not change the course of history for after all Christianity and Islam are a foreign ideology, the Philippines should remain as it is for peace, it should not be claimed by any religion because the era of conquest and religious subjugation is long gone and buried in the pages of history. No group should wake up a “sleeping Dracula” by pouring blood into his mouth, because we might be waking up a monster.

* * * *

Scoop: Warning, we should not inflame the already burning hot issue. We should instead promote peace, trust, respect and understanding to each other, for after all, the Philippines is our only country.