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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 08:40



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done…” (Isaiah 3:11, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

PNOY ANGLING TO REMAIN PRESIDENT AFTER 2016: I am one of those who believe that President Aquino is cooking something up his sleeve to either allow him to run again for president in 2016, or to simply enable himself to continue being president, one way or the other, by whatever means possible.

His statements on his running again, although uttered days ago yet, are being headlined by sympathetic newspapers as if they were recent pronouncents. Obviously meant to gauge public opinion, they appear to be part of a grand plan to allow Aquino to remain president after 2016. Just so he is reminded of contrary sentiments, I am reproducing here a column I wrote on August 30, 2014. Read on, Mr. President:

* * * *

“A CRISIS OF UNPRECEDENTED PROPORTIONS: For whatever it is worth, I am reproducing here the so-called `Lipa City Declaration’, which is actually the “call to arms” issued by Filipino Christians, Protestants and Islam followers who have bound themselves as the `National Transformation Council’, to compel the resignation of President Aquino.

“Here is the first part: `We are Filipino citizens of different personal, professional social and economic backgrounds and political persuasions and religious beliefs. We have gathered here in Lipa City… under the auspices of the Council, to reaffirm our deeply held convictions and beliefs about the common good and our highest national interests, in the face of the most pressing challenges.

“ `We invite all our compatriots everywhere to reaffirm with us the same convictions and beliefs. We believe that:  A crisis of unprecedented proportions has befallen our nation. The life of the nation is in grave peril from the very political forces that are primarily ordained to protect, promote and advance its well-being, but which are aggressively undermining its moral, religious, social, cultural, constitutional and legal foundations.

* * * *

“PNOY SUBVERTED AND VIOLATED THE 1987 CHARTER: `Unbridled and unpunished corruption and widespread misuse of political and economic power in all layers of society have not only destroyed our common conception of right and wrong, good and bad, just and unjust, legal and illegal, but also put our people, especially the poor, at the mercy of those who have the power to dictate the course and conduct of our development for their own selfish ends.

“ `Far from preserving and defending the constitution, as he swore to do when he assumed office, the incumbent President Benigno Simeon Aquino has subverted and violated it by corrupting Congress, intimidating the judiciary, taking over the treasury, manipulating the automated voting system, and perverting the constitutional impeachment process.

“ `President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd has also damaged the moral fabric of Philippine Society by bribing members of Congress not only to impeach and remove a sitting Supreme Court Chief Justice but also to enact a law which disrespects the right to life of human being at the earliest and most vulnerable stages of their lives, in defiance not only of the constitution but above all of the moral law, the customs, culture, and consciences of Filipinos.

* * * *

“PNOY HAS NO MORE MORAL RIGHT TO LEAD RP: `Therefore, faithful to the objective moral law and to the universally honored constitutional principle that sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them, we declare that President Benigno Simeon Aquino 3rd has lost the moral right to lead the nation, and had become a danger to the Philippine Democratic and Republican state and to the peace, freedom, security and moral and spiritual well-being of the Filipino people’…”

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