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Monday, 15 June 2015 08:19



San Jose, CA. —It’s that Red October day being awaited by classy opportunists beaming with exuberance. The job-seekers, even the ragamuffins who bite their fingernails in the absence of scavenged food, cheer for all the candidates hoping to buy attention and get paid for it. Their make-believe passion for the candidates is ever present for as long as they get their Jollibee lunch-boxes and 50 camotes at the end of the day.

As we hold our horses for Red October, meanwhile, the candidates (past, present and beyond) oscillate around people with pens and cameras and spit out slogans such as, “one people, one flag, one nation,” hoping that their remarks would land in Facebook. Oh, yes, they always give their best profile to induce “likes”. The hoi polloi, meantime, feel a sense of importance as the candidates rub elbows and shoulders with them. Alas, the aristocrats, intelligentsia, the secluded illuminati — the ancient common people of Athens referred to by the philosopher Plato and historian Thucydides — prefer to remain silent although they will start giving their campaign donations as early as December 20 in cash, sweetmeat, chocolates, fudges and sweets. Yes, also, the federations will start sending the candidates trucks of rice and canned goods for packing and distribution to the poorest among the poor (daw) on Christmas Day and beyond.

This is turning out to be the “Game of Throbs.” Everybody is held in suspense until the final day of the filing of the certificates of candidacy. To me, it’s no longer a secret. No deceptive covering, facial disguise or,as a friend of mine loves to put it, subterfuge, can hide the intent of both Mayor Ma. Isabel G. Climaco-Salazar and Congressman Celso L. Lobregat. They’re fighting for space in the media and with great success on the creation of the Bangsamoro political entity issue.

Sus madre de Dios, bebitos. We are out of it. Congressman Rufus Rodriguez said so. The peace panels said so. So, what are these two politicians shouting against? The opt-in provision that says that areas adjacent or contiguous to the Moro Republic may elect to join it? May I ask the lady and gentleman to pay close attention to the shouts of resounding NO by the people of Zamboanga to inclusion in the proposed Muslim region. Enough, na, ma’m and sir. We hear you, loud and clear. Altogether now —NO, NO, NO!

I also heard that my friend, Crisanto ‘Monsi’ de la cruz, is making a third run at public office. Yes, he is (daw) targeting the first congressional district that will (not if) be vacated by Mr. Lobregat. This time he stands a chance to serve the people from the west.

As for my dear friend and compadre, Erbie Fabian, someone who lives in Paranaque guesses that he will settle to be Lobregat’s running-mate. Mira quita.