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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 11:46



“Constant complain is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts  we enjoy.”

We often hear complaints from our colleagues, workers, drivers, parents and many others about a lot of things, but have we ever stopped and make them understand and realize the reasons for their complaints?    These days, we are never satisfied and contented with what we have and so, we keep on complaining   - we say commodities are getting more expensive; tuition fees keep on rising; water and light services are very poor, etcetera…etcetera.

But  what have we done to help ourselves alleviate the things we keep complaining about? Was there ever a time we gave a thought about conserving energy or making vegetable gardens; remodeling old clothing or sending our children to public schools if we barely can afford to pay for it?

A Yiddish proverb says’ “Many complain about their looks, but none of their brains.” Yes, we only see what we want to and then we complain about the rest. We never try to think about what we can do to help or improve or to change the situation. Sometimes we even forget to thank our Providence for all the things He has given us but receives less or nothing at all from us but never complain.

We are often ungrateful and never become fulfilled with what we have because we are poor in spirit yet we pretend to be great! As the Speaker’s Quote Book say; “It is not the greatness of our trouble but the littleness of our spirit that makes us complain.” So, try doing something worthwhile before you make a complain.

“If you pray for rain, don’t grumble about the mud.” — William Ward Ayer