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Friday, 19 June 2015 11:59


BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

These are true family stories of some Grade-8 students. Since there are several topics which they wrote about, I classified them according to subjects. This one is about broken families. Here they are:

• “ When I was in Grade-four, my classmate told me that my father has another family. I did not believe her, so she brought me to the house of the other woman. I saw that my father has four children and her mistress was very brave. When I told my mother about it, she attacked the girl and they pulled each other’s hair.  My father was very angry that he slapped my mother. My mother went home and cried and cried.”

Note: Her parents have long separated already, and whenever she meets her father, it is just as though they are not acquainted. Her mother sells viand to support her six children.

• “My father is a seaman but he left my mother when I was eight years old. He had a girl in Manila and never came back to us. My mother told us not to look for our father anymore.  But I am very happy because I have a step father who completes our family. “

Note: According to him, his step- father is a construction worker and he is very kind to them.

• “So why did you transfer to City High when you live in Curuan?” I asked a 13-year-old, ordinary looking boy. “Because I live with my grandmother now in Tetuan.” he replied.

“How about your other brothers and sisters, are they also with your grandma? “Two of us ma’am.” “Where are the rest?”

“With my father in Curuan.”  “How about your mother?” “She left us.”

“When?” “When I was thirteen.”

“How old are you now?” “Thirteen.” “My mother left us last summer for another man.”

Note:  I asked the boy if his father has also found another. He said, “No, he is waiting for my to mother to come back.”

•“My father is an electrician.  He left my mother and got a mistress but my mother just accepted it.  After one year, my father came back to my mother and my mother was very happy. Now, my father is just visiting his mistress sometimes, but he lives with us now.

Note: The mistress has no work and his mother has a mini grocery store, where her father decided to be a cashier.

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