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Sunday, 21 June 2015 14:55

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Roman poet Antonius once said “Unto each life some rain must fall....”. True, indeed, man created by God is given the responsibility to look after himself after creation and all the consequences in life, goes with the creation of man. “Rain” to some are to be stricken with worldly sickness and the destruction of family ties as a consequence. The curable but sometimes fatal disease of cancer is a “rain” in life, that may strike anybody, and the worst form of “cancer” is one that strains and drains family closeness and love. Table Talk has seen many families in sorrow and sadness, broken and abandoned all because, a strange phenomenon in life happens after battling “cancer” in the body. It weakens family relationship. Fighting cancer in the family must be a family battle. All family members must support each other the sick and the healthy, husband, wife, sons and daughters should hand in hand join the quest for “cure” and should one fall down in the consequence, they must be lifted to stand and join the battle again. Physical support is more important than anything else.

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.”Love is born of faith, lives on hope and dies of charity”  and “the  basic formula for all sins is: frustrated or neglected love”, FRANZ WERFEL  from the book “Between Heaven and Earth” (p. 189). In many love story books, love is not only that binds together, it cure’s everything. The living words of God. The Bible says “love one another”. “For what person is there, in the name of God and men, who would wish to be surrounded with unlimited wealth and to abound in every material blessing on condition that he love no one, and that no one love him? Such indeed is the life of tyrants — a life, I mean, in which there can be no faith, no affection, no trust in the continuance of goodwill; where every act arouses suspicion and anxiety and where friendship has no  place” — MARCUS TULLIUS CICERO.


True to life experience in fighting cancer in the body is like walking everyday in a road of thorns. Every time you see your Oncologist, you are anxious to know the results, had it become graver? Had it spread to other parts of the body? Is it serious? When will we comeback for treatment and examination? These are the questions that haunt you everyday but every time your Oncologist gives an assuring answer for a positive cure, your life is lifted heavenward with relief. Then every after treatment day, you go to a pharmacy to buy a new set of medicines for your sick to take. The burden sometimes is overwhelming but never mind the “money”, it is man made and can be found, but life is God-given and there is no replacement. To have one cancer victim in the family is the “smithy of the soul”  and to fight it alone is like a dry leaf floating alone endlessly in a flooded river.


“For I do not speak to understand that I may believe, but, I believe in order to understand. For this I believe-that unless I believe, I should not understand”. (St. Anselm: Proslogion,1.) “Whatever you cannot understand, you cannot possess.” — JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE: Maxims


Scoop: Is the dreaded epidemic Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coming from a bacteriological weapon that some lawless and godless elements unleashed in the Middle East?  Why did it spread in South Korea?  This is what authorities are investigating right now.