Growth: How far have you gone? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 June 2015 14:57



“Growth is the only evidence of life.”— John Henry Newman

When I was young, I was very much eager to grow up and become an adult. I would wear my mom’s clothes, shoes, put on her make-up, and try to do adult things like cooking, sewing and conversing with adults. I would try to act like an adult, think like an adult and even have big dreams like an adult. I never knew there were a lot of things I need to learn to fully become one.

With my age now, I know that being young and careless is much more fun than becoming an adult – when we were young, we have nothing much to think but eat, play, sleep and school. Things were more simple and uncomplicated; friends abound; food was plentiful even when you have no money to buy; and sleep was sound and restful.

Becoming an adult, one has to have a degree, must think of the good of everyone, find a job, feed the family, have a home, and be wary about who to trust.

But no one can ever stop growth, even if we wanted to. It is part of our being human and alive. It is what we are meant to experience. It is God’s will for us.  Yet, growing up need not be scary or complicated; we only have to follow its path, experience life’s ups and downs and learn from our mistakes and failures. Growth means that we are alive and that we will be experiencing and learning more as long as we continue live as grown-ups.

‘Be not afraid of growing solely; Be afraid of standing still.”— Chinese Proverb