BLAZING THOUGHTS: Humility for teachers PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 June 2011 14:21

Indubitably parents are obliged to provide their children with the much-needed education in order that they’ll be able to attain success in life. Responsible parents are determined to send their children to school no matter their condition of living. It means that rich or poor their sons arid daughters must be educated.
Parents do believe that education is the key to success for knowledge is power. Unless you have power, you’ll never be able to attain success or get to the finish line for victory.

While in school, the teachers who were sworn to their job are tasked to pass on the knowledge to the students and see to it that they are properly molded through education. Parents and teachers are like partners, hand in hand they provide the youth with basic education to ensure a brighter future for them.
There should be harmonious relation among parents and teachers for them to be able to perform adeptly their vital role in the lives of the young ones as they grow up to adolescence.

To be more competent and effective inside the classrooms or other tasks assigned within the department, teachers are encouraged to farther their studies like taking masteral units in education leading to a doctorate degree. Professional growth is very important in bringing education to the remotest towns and islands in the country.
However, we regret to say that some of the educators who are lucky enough to reach higher level have become detrimental to the literacy program. Because of too much pride and arrogance, they shun away from the masses, as if inaccessible or isolated defeating the purpose in widening the scope of learning. Too much learning or too high level of learning tends to widen the gap between the school workers and the parents of students.

What’s so disappointing is— when we learn that the doctorate degree they’re bragging was attained dubiously or whatever it is. Just remember that humility is pleasing to the eye and inspiring to the heart.

Educators should always be humble guided by core values above all prestige and excellence gained through higher learnings. After all, knowledge should be practiced among ourselves and pass on to other people for a common goal— peace and prosperity. --Al Kenoh