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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 11:40

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Jokingly the other night my friend Dr. Bonjing Feliciano suggested that we apply for a Hanazono Party List for Zamboanga City. This joke if it will push through will be the only genuine Party List that will work for the group. Other Party Lists in the country to name some, like those representing the security guards, farmers and vendors. But their representatives are not genuine guards, farmers or vendors. Most of them are elites they are either the employer or sons and daughters of influential people and politicians or maybe retired military and police generals and officers. If Hanazono Party List will become a reality, for sure the representative will be a Hanazono member and the best thing of all, they are all qualified in education and experience. They are self-made individuals who are successful in their profession and vocation and above all most of Hanazono barangay members come from civic and charitable institutions.These are supposed to be what is expected from a party list representative, unquestionable disposition and service to humanity.

* * * *

The mission and vision of most party lists in the country is development and progress but until today most areas in the country are underdeveloped and not progressive. Most of the sectors they represent are wallowing in misery and poverty. Some farmers, vendors and guards are being abused of their rights and nothing has been done about it by their representatives in Congress. Worst some of their representatives are immersed in corruption and misused of their development budgets. The group that they represent are blatantly relegated to the sidelines in terms of assistance. Perhaps, those abuses done to their members have not even reached their offices or simply they just don’t care. Too much emphasis on development is envisioned by almost all party lists  in the country and not one of them has ever indulged in peace building. What good is progress and  development if the people are not happy and contented?  One party list must be a catalyst for peace building through goodwill and camaraderie and bridging the gap among tribes with diverse customs and traditions and different religions. If Hanazono Barangay will be a party list, it must lead the pack for peaceful co-existence in Mindanao and not compete with the national and local governments in developing the countryside.

* * * *

By way of suggestion, Hanazono Party List must adopt a mission and vision of goodwill among the many tribes in the country especially unstable in peace and order Mindanao. It must envision Zamboanga City and Mindanao as one united community and that we are all Filipino people under one nation. Instead of developing the countryside, Hanazono Party List will spear head in developing people with a common vision of trust and acceptance. When people trust each other the community will be peaceful even if the infrastructures are not in place. Peace will come naturally if we accept a common understanding and this can be developed not only through construction of infrastructures. Develop the hearts and minds of doubting tribes and people and this is the best service that a Party List can offer the country.

** * *

Hanazono is a Japanese term for “beautiful flower garden” and if Hanazono Party List will come to be realized, it must be true to that term. People power emanates from beautiful ideas and true commitments. At the end of the day, perhaps, Hanazono Party List can change the course of Philippine Politics into a humane society of diverse tribes, customs and traditions and inform people that religion is a personal matter and choice and not a matter of controversy and misunderstanding. More power to Barangay Hanazono members.

* * * *

Scoop: Koreans love the word “Arirang”. You can see that Koreans name restaurants, resorts, and even their national government television channel “Arirang TV”. I asked a Korean friend what is the  meaning of “Arirang”? He told me, it is flower garden or palace. South Korea and Japan are two progressive  nations and their people are united in almost anything. They love flowers, why not bring back our city into the “City of flowers”