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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 11:43



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves…” (Isaiah 1:23, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN DFA PROJECTS GIVEN TO ONE CONTRACTOR: Instances of favoring a contractor with hundred of millions worth of repair, renovation, and supply projects by top officials and ambassadors of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), despite the contractor’s inability to fulfill its obligations, form the core of the plunder and graft case that Reynaldo Joson, a division head of the DFA, filed with the Ombudsman.

In past columns, we have already reproduced portions of Joson’s affidavit naming the contractor as JD Legaspi Construction Corporation. Today, we shall reproduce the other significant portions of that affidavit to show the great favor that the DFA officials and ambassadors who were sued for plunder and graft by Joson allegedly granted to it. Read on:

“(a) Water Proofing of Roof Deck—the sub-standard and poor quality of water proofing caused water leak at the 14th Floor of the DFA Building. (b) Replacement of the ceiling from asbestos to Hardiflex—replacement of the entire ceiling from the 14th floor to the basement area. Hardiflex was introduced to replace the fallen ceiling.

* * * *

DFA AIR CON UNITS NON-OPERATIONAL FOR 9 YEARS: “( c ) Replacement of the centralized air-conditioning system worth hundreds of millions of pesos—JD Legaspi Construction Corporation was contracted to replace the centralized air-conditioning system of the building. This project was made with the purchase of brand new equipment found to be non-operational.

“Because of the failure to commission the centralized air-conditioning system of the DFA building, the Building Management headed by then U/SEC Franklin Ebdalin decided to purchase a number of split type air conditioning units, which are now installed from the 14th floor down to the basement of the main building, and South Wing Annex, from the 5th floor, down to the ground floor.

“A new contractor in place of JD Legaspi Construction Corporation installed the split-type air-conditioning. Up to the present, the brand new centralized air-conditioning  system that JD Legaspi Construction Corporation supplied and installed nine (9) years ago is still brand new, but non-operational.

* * * *

CONTRACTOR NOT HELD LIABLE FOR ITS WARRANTY: “In spite of the losses and the warranty under the contract, respondents imposed no sanction on the erring JD Construction Corporation. (d) Renovation of Stairways—the renovation of the stairways from the 14th floor to basement area is operational.

“(e) Replacement of fire alarm systems—the replacement of the fire alarm system has caused the Department so much damage for the following reasons, to wit: i. The smoke detector system is not functioning, since its installation nine years ago by JD Legaspi Construction Corporation. ii. The water sprinkle system is not functioning either, (since nine years ago) after JD Legaspi Construction installed the system.

“iii. The fitting of the water pump to supply the water pipes is not functioning, since nine years ago, after JD Legaspi Construction installed this system. Iv. The setting up of the fire water gate valve is not functioning, since nine years ago after JD Legaspi Construction installed the system…” More of the affidavit of Joson will be published next issue.

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