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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 11:29

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

The still unfinished by pass road from the west to the east coast of the city costing several hundreds of million pesos should be completed soonest before the next administration, local and national. But, foremost, the government must re-study and re-direct the importance of the bypass highway and its contribution to the development in the outlying barangays where the highway passes. It should link barangays to the bypass highway for more activities and growth and it should never leave behind any barangay in the west and east coast away from that road. The importance of linking barangays to the bypass road is dispersal of economic activities that will automatically disperse and unclog vehicular traffic in the old and existing  highways. The city government once the bypass road will be passable should create barangay terminals in strategic areas for easier accessibility and waiting areas instead of flocking in one area of the highway. This will lessen obstruction in the highways and a faster flow of traffic.

* * * *

In the west coast, the bypass highway starts somewhere in Barangay San Ramon area and goes up passing several barangays not linked to the bypass highway and in between is the populous barangay of Recodo. In the east coast the bypass highway starts at Barangay Culianan and going down passing also several barangays and unlike the west coast, a few barangays are linked to the bypass highway, but the most populous barangays in the east Coast are not connected to the bypass highway. So the fact remains that,commuters and cargoes to the city are still stalled in one barangay, preventing the ease the traffic flow from the old highways to the city. The bypass highway will link the west and east coasts in Barangay Pasonanca said to be the center of the city and more or less some five kilometers away from the business center, another few kilometers to City Hall, the public Market, the banking and school institutions and going east of the city proper is the Sta.Cruz public market and the Bagsakan Center. Aside from the economic zone in the west coast, the mentioned areas are the main reason why the National Government constructed the bypass highway but if the peripherals of the city will not be unclogged of commuters and vehicles, the bypass road will not have much improvement to our traffic problem.

* * * *

Information gathered by Table Talk is that a new location for the city’s international airport will be in Sacol Island instead of Talabaan or Mercedes in the east coast. If that happens Sacol Island can host two big infrastructures, an international airport and an international shipping port. The bypass highway that starts in Culianan is near Barangay Taluksangay which is the nearest point to Sacol Island that can be connected with a short span of bridge. At this point in time, all barangays in the east and west coasts should be linked to the bypass highway to activate unclogging and dispersal of commuters and traffic in our old highway.

* * * *

Scoop: If there is a way, the Bagsakan Center in Sta. Cruz must be transferred somewhere in Barangay Pasonanca where the bypass road connects the east and west coasts and convert the bagsakan area into one big government commercial and business center where to transfer the sidewalk vendors and stalls in the city proper. Look for better use of the storage plant which is almost a “white elephant”. The move might be very expensive, but as they say “ it is better to bleed plenty in one day than to bleed everyday”. Come to think about it.