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Wednesday, 01 July 2015 10:57



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves…” (Isaiah 1:23, the Holy Bible).

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SC JUSTICE WARNS VS. “BULLIES & SHARKS”: Supreme Court Associate Justice Francis Jardeleza came out literally swinging and punching against what he called were “bullies and sharks in the legal profession and in the judiciary as well” in a speech given by him as the guest of honor and speaker at the recognition ceremonies for UP College of Law students who graduated this year Monday, June 29, 2015.

In an emotion-filled voice, Jardeleza told the graduates, in the presence of Law Dean Danny Concepcion, Associate Dean Chit Jardeleza (his wife) and about 50 or so law professors, that they must stand their ground when, in the exercise of their profession as lawyers, they are attacked by bullies and sharks who, he said, abound in the country today.

In the same speech, Jardeleza expressed his great dismay that two prominent members of the Court joined forces in blocking his appointment to the tribunal, and branding him as having turned his back on the country and the Filipino people in connection with the West Philippine Sea controversy. He said this unjustifiably tarnished his name and caused suffering to him and his family, both of which he endeavored to protect through the years.

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MORE DFA OFFICERS IN PLUNDER RAPS NAMED: Here are the other officers and ambassadors of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) who have been sued for either plunder or graft at the Ombudsman by their former fellow officer, Reynaldo Joson, in connection with the annual DFA budget for repairs and maintenance in the sum of P5 billion:

“Amb. Victoria Bataclan-formerly assistant secretary of the Office of the Personnel and Administrative Services. All projects pass through her office and approval. I reported to A/Sec. Bataclan with respect to JD Legaspi Contractors’ sub-standard projects which are below par with the DFA requirement. The ambassador took no action.

“Executive Director Reynaldo Catapang-formerly the Executive Director of the  Office of Personnel and Administrative Services (OPAS). All projects pass his office for approval. I reported all the problems to him with regards to JD Legaspi’s poor performance that did not meet the quality standard that the DFA requires. He took no action either.

* *  * *

“OFFICERS DID NOT MOVE A FINGER TO STOP GRAFT”: “Amb. Grace Prensesa Escalante-formerly the Director of the Property Maintenance and Transportation Division (PMTD). All projects intended for DFA shall pass to her office for Approval. I reported to her all the anomalous projects that JD Legaspi Contractors performed, but she too did not move a finger to correct the errors.

“Engr. Edifredo Dabuet-formerly assigned as Head of Engineering Department. He prepared the plans for all projects for renovation and construction, and cost computation, and coordinated with JD Legaspi, the DPWH, and other contractors working for DFA projects.

“Engr. Philip Tabula-former Assistant to Engr. Dabuet. Later, he became the Head of the Engineering Department. He continued the unfinished work of Engr. Dabuet. He coordinated with contractors prior to bidding process. He planned and designed all the in-coming projects of DFA, including the cost computation thereof…” More next issue.

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