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Thursday, 02 July 2015 11:27

Table Talk

BY Mike S Apostol

Divorce can only happen after marriage and a marriage license is not an ordinary document because the law says “ Marriage is an inviollable social institution” strenghtening God’s word about marriage that “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder”. Marriage is permanent. Once a couple joins in a holy matrimony, they bind themselves to stay together until they die. By human reason, they are unhappy with their marriage, they just cannot end it all by themselves but by law, because the laws sets specific reasons and a definite process to end a broken marriage. This makes marriages not an ordinary thing.

* * * *

However, the most literate, highly cultured, advance in almost anything, the United States of America, has just added a new principle and a new meaning of marriage, by approving same sex marriage in the name of “equality under the law” a highly democratic principle that aims to go against and question the wisdom of religion whatever the denomination. Islam, the second largest religion in the world after Christianity, never approved same sex marriage since the very beginning, and so with Buddhism, Shintoism and other religions in the world, except for “cults” that  sometimes approved and indulged in “incestous relationship”. America, the father of democracy in the world and the nation of the “free” went beyond her border to govern by translating democracy as a reason and the freedom of her citizens to do everything but still cling to the notion that similar instances are violative of the law like “abortion” “mercy killing” “taking drugs” to name some. This is unfair practice of their law because some instances are so neccesarry to fullfill.

* * * *

Those nations that will approve same sex marriage should at the same time approve Divorce  in their country.Tthis is necessarry because at one point in their same sex marriage life, one of them may fall in love to another one, if a girl to a boy or if a boy to a girl. This will start a marriage trouble, especially so they don’t have offsprings as a leverage of joy to their homes. Jealousy and love triangle is one cause of heinous crimes and crimes of passion and without divorce in a country that allows same sex marriage. These crimes will surely happen

*  * * *

Churches of whatever religious sect should not allow a legal sex marriage ceremony in their churches, because they condone this sacrilegious law of same sex marriage. If they allow it, then they don’t have any business to question or to complain about this new same sex marriage law especially Catholic religion. Otherwise they should allow their priest to get married to a girl or a boy because these are the scandals in the Catholic religion that has been bugging their congregation.

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Scoop: Same sex union has been happening even before it was made legal with the force of the law, but it was something that was considered a “secret” or a “skeleton in their closets”. Now that it is made legal we expect that even governments, military establishments, business institutions, educational standards  will all change for the better or for the worse, because love affairs between a boy and a boy or a girl with another girl is always different. In love yes, there might be some slight difference but in other family matters the difference is so huge, that lust weight heavier than anything else and it is purely promiscuity. The only solution is divorse as the easiest way and at the cheapest cost.