Faith: How strong and firm is ours? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 July 2015 14:02




“Now faith is the substance hoped for, The evidence of things not seen.” — Hebrew 11:1

Have faith in God! These are words easier said than done. When things are going on smoothly the way we wanted them to be, then, yes, - - our faith is steadfast. But, the moment things go bad and everything seem to be shaky, and life a cycle of crisis and hurdles – then, our faith fades away like soap bubbles; doubts, uncertainties, fear enter. Didn’t we know that  faith in God means being faithful to Him through thick and thin — in good times and in bad.

We cannot say that our faith in God is unwavering if we question Him the moment we are down on our luck or when problems keep on rising and becoming more serious and complicated. When we doubt His presence or His power and blame Him for our misfortunes or unhappy experiences, even cursing Him for the wrong choices or decisions we made - - because we never consulted Him or asked for His wisdom and guidance before we acted.

Things may not be always “a bed of roses” for us, but if our FAITH is strong - - come wind or storm, we will never waver and ask “Why?” Our faith is our strength to fight all odds of life wherever we are or whatever our role in life is; all we have to do is believe and trust.

Many may still doubt or question our belief, but if we think and act according to His will, then no matter how difficult life is, He will always answer our prayers and petitions.

“Having faith means believing with strong conviction no matter what the odds maybe.”