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Sunday, 19 June 2011 15:00

D – octor of Medicine – Studied at UST, Ateneo, Universidad Central de Madrid, Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernardo
R – espected Eye Surgeon – Operated successfully his mother of cataract and other rich and poor patients

J – ournalists – Prolific and accomplished writer of novels, poems, essays, letters etc.
O – utstanding in academics – Getting excellent grades as student
S – Scientist – Research treaties with other countries
E – ngineer Par excellence – Designed & constructed waterworks system in Dapitan City

P – atriot & Nationalist – Made a supreme sacrifice, dying for his country.

R – ighteous & Just – Exercising independent and uncompromising judgment.
I – ntellectual genius – Possessing many talent & skills and accomplishing many projects in a short span of time.
Z – ealous propagandist – Relentless drive to expose the venalities of colonial officials.
A – rtist extraordinaire – Indulged in drawing, painting, sculpture and culture
L – inguist-photographic memory – Mastery of several languages – 22 language in all.

Attributes found in the book are the following: Physician (ophthalmic surgeon), poet, dramatist, essayist, novelist, historian, architect, painter, sculptor, educator, linguist, musician, naturalist, ethnologist, surveyor, engineer, farmer businessman, economist, geographer, cartographer , bibliophile, philologist, grammarian, folklorist, philosopher, translator, inventor, magician, humorist, satirist, polemicist, sportsman, traveler, and prophet, in addition to being a NATIONAL HERO. — Cesar A. Bernardo